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Posted 12 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A major new version of Silverlight Studio is now available. This version adds a new Micro Charts product, SyntaxEditor code snippets features, and other minor enhancements.

Detailed Update List

Micro Charts

  • First product release.


  • Added IntelliPrompt code snippet functionality.
  • Updated the SDI Editor demo to show code snippets in the .NET Languages Add-on languages, and added a new QuickStart showing code snippets in Javascript.
  • Added IHighlightingStyle.BorderStyle, BorderBrush, BorderCornerStyle, and IsBorderEditable properties, which add border display support for highlighting styles.
  • BREAK: Updated the current line highlight feature to base its border on the DisplayItemClassificationTypes.CurrentLine style's BorderBrush instead of Background.
  • Updated the current line highlight feature to support a background via the DisplayItemClassificationTypes.CurrentLine style.
  • Updated the Highlight Word Adornments QuickStart to show the new highlighting style border feature.
  • Added the IOutliningManager.RemoveAllManualNodes method and updated the Stop Outlining command to clear all nodes when in manual mode.
  • Updated TextViewTagAggregator to monitor for services added to or removed from the current language.
  • Updated visible whitespace to render for all Unicode whitespace characters.
  • Fixed a bug with zero-length find all matches.
  • Fixed a bug where the current line highlight might remain visible when its view line was scrolled off the screen.
  • Fixed a bug where collapsed node adornments appeared in printer views.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Added available code snippets to the Ctrl+Space completion list.
  • Added the ITypeMemberDefinition.IsImplicitDefaultConstructor property.
  • Improved the VB context factory.

About Silverlight Studio

Silverlight Studio Licensing

You can purchase our Silverlight controls individually if you wish however you have the option to purchase all of them in the Silverlight Studio bundle. Purchasing the bundle saves 30% over purchasing all the Silverlight controls individually.

Silverlight Studio Benefits

All Silverlight Studio licenses automatically include a free subscription for a year of free upgrades to any new versions that are released. At the end of the year, you may renew your license for another year to keep the free upgrade benefits active.

In addition, you are automatically eligible to receive free licenses for any new Silverlight control products added to Silverlight Studio that come out within your year period. Please note that SyntaxEditor language add-ons are sold separately, even though they are demoed in Silverlight Studio.

Wherever possible our Silverlight Studio products share codebases with the corresponding WPF Studio products, making it easy to transition code between the platforms.

Live Demo

You can give all our lastest Silverlight control products a spin right in your browser as long as you have Silverlight 4 installed. Just follow the steps on this page to see live demos:

Download an Evaluation

You can download an evaluation of all our Silverlight controls from this page:

Free Upgrades to 2012.1

If you own an older Silverlight Studio version and would like to upgrade to this latest version, please click the request a free upgrade link on your organization account page's 'Purchases and Licenses' tab. The link will appear there if your upgrade eligibility is active.

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