WPF Controls 2012.1 build 561 Maintenance Release

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Posted 12 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available. This build focuses on SyntaxEditor performance/memory usage improvements and the major addition of LINQ automated IntelliPrompt in the .NET Languages Add-on.

Detailed Update List


  • Updated to check for null values after calling VisualTreeHelper.GetChild.


  • Updated the logic for determining DockSite.ActiveWindow changes.
  • Updated rafting window drags to not show content previews if interop compatibility is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where windows deserialized from a layout to the MDI area wouldn't raise the WindowOpening/WindowOpened events.
  • Fixed a bug where double clicking the title bar of a floating tool window didn't re-dock it as a document if it previously was a document.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in a previous release where rafted tool windows that contain splits might not deserialize from a layout file properly.
  • Fixed a bug where middle-clicks anywhere in a docking window, instead of just on its tab, would close the window when CanDocumentsCloseOnMiddleClick was active.


  • Updated how literal portions of masks are determined.
  • Fixed issue with F0 format allow decimal point in DoubleEditBox, Int32EditBox, and other controls.
  • Fixed issue with restricting user input based on minimum and maximum values in DoubleEditBox.
  • Fixed issue with clicking time spinners on DateTimeEditBox didn't always update the time portion of the value.

Micro Charts

  • Added a new Series Visibility QuickStart.
  • Updated MicroSeriesBase so that its Visibility property can be used to hide the series within a chart.
  • Updated the baseline on micro charts with no data to align to the bottom.
  • Fixed an exception that could occur when mouse hovering over a micro chart with hot tracking that had no data.
  • Fixed an issue with multiple hot tracking popups potentially being shown on a chart.


  • Fixed a bug where sub-properties might not properly update whne the parent object was changed


  • Added a static ScreenTipService.IsEnabled that can be toggled to false to prevent the screen tip service from watching mouse events for possible screen tip display scenarios.
  • Changed QuickAccessToolBar items to not have an outer glow by default, and added a IsItemOuterGlowEnabled property to alter this behavior.
  • Updated menu item mouse selection code.
  • Updated default DirectionalNavigationProperty for backstage arrow key selection from "Continue" to "Cycle"
  • Updated Backstage so that it can display in a WinForms ElementHost if there is a containing AdornerDecorator.
  • Added a new ScreenTipService.AllowScreenTipsOnContextMenus property that can be set to true to allow screen tips to display on context menu items.
  • Fixed a bug screen tips were showing on context menu items in cases where they shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed a bug where TaskTabControl wasn't properly set up to generate TaskTabItem containers.
  • Fixed a bug where small menu items on the same popup as a large menu item might get too wide of an icon column.
  • Fixed a bug where key tips could throw an exception after repeatedly showing Backstage via key tips.


  • Improved ITextSnapshotReader performance dramatically in scenarios with a lot of forward/backward token scanning.
  • Updated the RTF export to include backgrounds from highlighting styles where applicable.
  • Updated CodeDocument so that no parse request is fired on language changes if the document is still being initialized.
  • Updated how edit action command bindings are processed.
  • Updated the SyntaxEditor.ShowPrintDialog method to better handle alternate page sizes.
  • Updated file access when loading language definitions and code snippets to use read-only.
  • Updated the quick info tip placement code.
  • Updated current line highlighting to watch for brush changes in the style registry.
  • Fixed a bug where an exception could be thrown when using code snippets after swapping documents in a SyntaxEditor.
  • Fixed a bug where an exception could be thrown when switching documents within a SyntaxEditor while adornments like squiggle lines were displayed.
LL(*) Parser Framework
  • Updated AST node generation so that when an error occurs, the generated AST node's end offset will be the next token's start offset, instead of the previously read token's end offset.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Added full automated IntelliPrompt support for LINQ query expressions.
  • Made some drastic reductions in overall memory usage of cached binary assembly data.
  • Added ParseExpression static methods to CSharpParser/VBParser, allowing for quick parsing of text expressions into an AST.
  • BREAK: Changed the DotNetContextFactoryBase.TranslateToParseDataSnapshot method to return a TextSnapshotOffset.
  • Fixed a bug where constant fields weren't showing up in IntelliPrompt as static members.

Shared Library

  • Updated the default alignment properties of header content in AnimatedExpander.

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