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Posted 12 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A major new version of WPF Studio is now available. This version adds a new Metro Light theme, a custom Metro-like chrome for normal WPF Windows, several new micro chart types and numerous new features to SyntaxEditor such as an insert code snippet popup, delimiter highlighting, and move/select to matching bracket. The .NET Languages Add-on adds support for the latest C#/VB version syntax, improvements in the resolver's abillity to handle anonymous method results, and more.

Detailed Update List


  • Updated the conditions that activate the primary document when a docking window is closed.
  • Fixed a bug where the DockSite.ActiveWindow changed to null when a ComboBox drop-down was opened.


  • Fixed a bug where several edit boxes were preventing a negative minimum from being reached.
  • Fixed a bug where the brush drop-down of a BrushEditBox didn't properly select the gradient type when first displayed.

Micro Charts

  • Added new MicroCandlestickChart control that is designed to display price movements over time. Also added a new sample to showcase the candlestick chart type.
  • Added new MicroBulletGraph control that is designed to present a single value and compare it with goals and expectations. Also added a new sample and demo to showcase the bullet graph chart type.
  • Added new MicroBoxPlot control that is designed to visualize the statistical distribution of dataset. Also added a new sample and demo to showcase the box plot chart type.


  • Added a workaround for an exception that could occur within TreeView when the Multiply key was pressed in a PropertyGrid.


  • Updated SplitButton to support the popup portion being enabled if a PopupCommand is specified, even when the primary button is disabled.
  • Updated buttons in the Backstage header to support the Invoke automation pattern.
  • Fixed a bug where the ApplicationMenu wasn't properly including its items in UI automation.


  • Added a new IntelliPrompt code snippet selection session, similar to the VS Insert Snippet popup.
  • Updated the SDI Editor demo and Code Snippets QuickStart to demo the new code snippet selection session.
  • Added a new IStructureMatcher language service that supports finding matching delimiters, and drives move/select to matching bracket functionality.
  • Added a new DelimiterHighlightTagger language service that uses a structure matcher to highlight delimiters (bracket highlighting).
  • Added a new Getting Started QuickStart to demonstrate delimiter highlight and move/select to matching bracket functionality.
  • Updated how double clicking on view split grippers works.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Updated the C# and VB grammars and resolver to support new C# 5.0 and VB 11.0 syntax.
  • Improved the resolver's ability to derive anonymous function result types when passed as generic method arguments.
  • Added support for structure matching and delimiter highlighting.
  • Updated the C# indent provider.
  • Updated the VB lexer to better identify line continuations.
  • Updated the token readers to prevent a possible loop scenario with documentation comments at document end.
  • Updated how the resolver handles default properties.
  • Fixed a bug where the resolver may not always handle array method results properly.
  • Fixed a bug where parameter info didn't filter out hidden members properly.


  • Added the new Metro Light theme (via a new optional assembly) that applies to all Actipro and native WPF controls.
  • Added a new Metro-Style Window demo that shows off WindowChrome and how to use a window border and StatusBar background to reflect an app's state.
  • Updated all editor-related styles to support a new corner radius asset, and updated the Asset/Style Override QuickStart to give an example.

Shared Library

  • Updated PopupButton so that its popup content aligns to the left side of the control when in split mode.

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