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Posted 7 years ago by robert
Version: 13.2.0590

I am a newbie to SyntaxEditor, and we are estimating some control which like editor.

We care following function:

1.customerize control,it is we can define some controls as editor and when mouse move to the control,the property will display and when we set the value in property grid, the code will generate accordingly code;

2.Tools box,it is, we can define the tools box and when we drop and drag the control to editor, the basic control code will generate with the default value.

3.IntelliSense. it seem the function have supported.IntelliPrompt?

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Answer - Posted 7 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Robert,

SyntaxEditor provides code editing for any language, and our .NET Languages Add-on has advanced syntax language implementations for C# and VB.  So with SyntaxEditor and the .NET Languages Add-on, you can make a VS-like code editor with many of the exact same features.

1) We don't have a "designer" sort of component so that would be up to you to find or build something for that.

2) If you have a tool control that allowed dragging and dropping, you can handle the drag/drop event on SyntaxEditor and update the value of what code gets inserted.

3) The .NET Languages Add-on allows you to get automated IntelliPrompt features just like in VS.

I hope that helps!

Actipro Software Support

Posted 6 years ago by robert

Thanks for your reply.

We want to learn the feature we care,

1.About "designer", I mean that,at first,we can define many customerize control according our requirement,and the control have the special begin element and end element,and when mouse focus move to the element field,the property grid will display, when we modify some value through property grid form,the code will update correspondingly.the question is, we can define the customerize control(for example, tree control,menu control,tab control, etc) ourself? the second question is, when mouse move to some field in the editor location in the begin element and end element, the property grid will display correspondingly and we can modify or set  the property value,and the code will update or add to the corresponding field;just as to select the customerize control automaticly when the mouse fucus move to the field within the customerize control so we can locate the control quickly.

3.not use as Add-on. will the editor  support IntelliSense(IntelliPrompt) itself? the future, can we  implement design function as it is, as or dreamweaver,the up space is code, and the down space is the WYSIWYG designer.

if all the above 4 question can reach, what's the proposible workload and difficult? or you have other production more match our requirement?

Answer - Posted 6 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Robert,

You have to think of SyntaxEditor as basically a very advanced TextBox control.  SyntaxEditor does expose event sinks (please see the documentation on event sinks) where you can track things like mouse button presses or view selection (caret) changes.  When you get those events, you would need to figure out what sort of object is represented by where your caret currently is, and then update your property grid appropriately.  It is up to you to implement all that logic.  It might be helpful if you have a parser that constructs an AST for the document since then at least you could see what AST node you are effectively on with the caret.  But again, you would need to write custom code to translate that to a real object that a property grid could edit.

When SyntaxEditor is paired with our .NET Languages Add-on languages, it will do automated IntelliPrompt for C# and VB.  You can see that live in our samples.

We don't have any sort of designer control.  You could possibly work on a custom designer control yourself but that seems like something that could turn out to be extremely difficult and time consuming to build.

Actipro Software Support

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