SyntaxEditor (for WinForms) 4.0.0242 Maintenance Release

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Posted 17 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new SyntaxEditor (for WinForms) maintenance release is now available that has these updates:

SyntaxEditor Control
  • Updated the HeaderText and FooterText properties on the Document class to use a drop-down editor when in the designer.
  • Fixed a bug in the parser generator where additional expression conditions for a non-terminal didn't always bubble up to referencing non-terminals in a certain scenario.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Updated the .NET Reflection QuickStart to demo VB IntelliPrompt features.
  • Added auto-outdent when typing a space after an End keyword.
  • Added more info to member list description tips for native types that show the type that the keyword resolves to along with the type's documentation.
  • Added type member list display in the VB language after the As keyword.
  • Fixed a bug where context wasn't properly resolving for members of members.
  • Fixed a bug in the VB language where types defined without a modifier weren't being parsed.
  • Fixed a bug in the VB language where a For Each variable declaration was not properly stored in the AST.
  • Fixed a bug in the VB language where Me.Member context scenarios were sometimes not resolving correcting.
  • Fixed a bug in the VB language where .Identifier scenarios (for With statements) were flagging a syntax error.

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