WPF Controls 2013.2 build 591 Maintenance Release

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Posted 10 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new WPF controls maintenance release is now available.

Detailed Update List


  • Added the ability to conveniently set PieSlicePaletteStyleSelector.Palette, SeriesPaletteStyleSelector.Palette, and PieSeries.SliceStyleSelector in XAML without using expanded syntax, and fixed same ability for XYChart.SeriesStyleSelector.
  • Added the ability to provide a custom function for building data point labels.
  • Fixed issue where using certain numeric types during averaging data aggregation would cause error.
  • Fixed issue where having several scattered slices combined into 'Other' slice could cause rendering issues.


  • Updated edit boxes display and input to better support cultures with RTL flow direction.
  • Updated edit boxes to use number substitution when contextually desired by the current culture.
  • Updated various and int and double-related edit boxes to support pasting of non-Latin digits.
  • Updated TextBoxBase to now hide any text selection when a context menu is displayed.


  • Updated how the CircularScale.BarExtent property's default value is initialized.

Micro Charts

  • Added support for multiple part property paths for XPath and YPath.
  • Improved rendering of high/low values when all series values are the same.
  • Improved error message when binding to unsupported type.
  • Fixed a bug where XYSeries.ItemsSource did not work properly with all types of enumerables.
  • Fixed a bug where using certain numeric types during averaging data aggregation would cause error.
  • Fixed a bug where bar charts with a single bar could render incorrectly.
  • Removed the MicroXYChart.XAxisSlotInterval and YAxisSlotInterval properties, and fixed an issue with bar rendering.


  • Updated the minimized tab content popup to render more seamlessly with its owner Tab.
  • Updated CloneService to function better when cloning from within a DataTemplate.
  • Updated menu checkmarks to not mirror when in RTL flow direction.
  • Updated the Customize QAT menu items for adding/removing items to have screen tips.
  • Fixed a bug where focus wasn't always properly restored after clicking a button when HwndSource.DefaultAcquireHwndFocusInMenuMode was false.
  • Fixed a bug where an updated RibbonWindow title while contextual tabs are visible might not render correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where mouse highlights might not work when a nested menu appears on top of another menu.
  • Fixed a bug with the Customize QAT menu where a couple key accessors were incorrectly being recognized.


  • Updated programmatic selection changes to always expand containing outlining nodes.
  • Updated IntelliPrompt popups to better handle the right-handed setting on tablet PCs.
  • Updated IntelliPrompt popups to ensure the caret is visible when they are requested.
  • Updated the current line highlight width to always stay in sync with the view's width.
  • Fixed a bug where accessing a first TextSnapshotReader.Token with Backward primary scan direction might result in a null return value.
  • Fixed a bug where repeated replace operations within a selection didn't work properly.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous build where completion list items didn't render a full selection when appropriate.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Improved the text formatter logic when formatting a selection.
  • Fixed a bug where interface type arrays would show some invalid members in IntelliPrompt.
  • Fixed a bug where IntelliPrompt parameter info didn't always show for type members whose return types had indexers.


  • Improved WindowChrome (and RibbonWindow) rendering when maximized.
  • Updated ThemeManager to better handle apps with multiple UI threads.


  • Updated sample projects to open in VS 2012 by default.
  • Updated VS 2013 to display controls in the Toolbox.

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