Control name to update color when mouse hovered on to context menu items ex:Dock, AutoHide, Close

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Posted 10 years ago by sravanthi
Version: 13.2.0592

I am trying trying to change the gradients when mouse hovered on to dropdown items which we get when we click a small button next  to Pin button on docking window / Tool window. I tried chaning gradients for dropdawm items but no luck. Pls help.

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Answer - Posted 10 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hello, those menu items should be using whatever Style your app is currently using for menu items. I don't believe we set a particular theme for those menu controls, which means they inherit whatever Menu and MenuItem styles are active, which normally would be the WPF defaults.

Are you using our Themes features to set a theme for your app? And if you do, do you have native control themes set active? If so then you can alter the brush used for highlights.  Our Themes documentation and QuickStarts show how to override theme brush assets in app Reources.  The one related to hover background highlights is themes:AssetResourceKeys.MenuItemBackgroundHighlightedBrushKey.

Actipro Software Support

The latest build of this product (v24.1.2) was released 2 months ago, which was after the last post in this thread.

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