Ribbon (for WPF) 1.0.0300 Released - First Ribbon for WPF

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Posted 17 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
We're the first control vendor to publicly release a Ribbon control targeting the new Windows Presentation Foundation that is part of .NET 3.0!

Actipro Ribbon duplicates the functionality found in Microsoft's Office 2007 with a brand new user interface design for interacting with menus and toolbar items.

Ribbon implements all of the core Microsoft ribbon UI design requirements so you can rest assured that you meet the licensing requirements for implementing a ribbon user interface. The Ribbon can be designed completely in XAML and relies heavily on the WPF command model for control action processing.

We are continuing to improve the product and will add more optional feature items from the Microsoft guidelines soon.

How Do I Learn More?

The best way to learn more is to visit the product page or try a live XBAP demo in your browser if you have .NET 3.0 installed. Better yet, download an evaluation.

In addition to the many great features found in the product, we've written a lot of documentation and provide a sample project that shows nearly every feature of the Ribbon control. The sample project even has a Getting Started series of QuickStarts that walk you through creating your own Ribbon user interface from scratch.


Download an evaluation to try out the control and see how easy it is to build a Ribbon in XAML.

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