Extracting the digital character styling from DigitalGauge and using it on MaskedTextBox

Posted 5 years ago by Avatar Colin Miller - OleumTech Corporation


I am using the DigitalGauge's Segment7Trapezoid for CharacterType and was wondering if there is a way at all to reuse these characters in a MaskedTextBox control? I searched through the default styles and templates for ActiPro but found nothing. The overall objective is to make DigitalGauge "editable", but my current solution is to slap a MaskedTextBox on top of it but it does not look good using non-digital looking fonts. Thanks


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Posted 5 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Colin,

Sorry but the digit gauge's are rendered by us and aren't fonts that could be used with other controls like a MastedTextBox or TextBox.  Perhaps you could find a digital-looking TrueType font on the Internet and use that in your app for the editing mode?

Actipro Software Support
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