WPF Controls 2016.1 build 633 Maintenance Release

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Posted 8 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new maintenance release of the WPF Controls is now available.

Detailed Update List


  • Fixed a bug where an exception could occur when an existing PieChart's template is reapplied in a certain scenario.


  • Added the DockSiteLayoutSerializer.CanSerializeUnusedLazyLoadData property, which can be set to true to re-embed unused lazy load data back into serialized layouts.
  • Added the DockSite.CanToolWindowsDragToFloatingDockHostsWithWorkspaces property, which can be set to false to prevent tool windows from being dragged to floating dock hosts that contain workspaces.
  • Added several virtual Initialize* methods on DockSite that can be overridden to further initialize a hosting Window prior to display.
  • Added the AdvancedTabControl.CanTabsSelectOnDragOver property that can be set to false to prevent auto-selecting tabs when a system (e.g. text, file) drag occurs over them.
  • Added DocumentWindow.Attach and Dock methods that allow for programmatic docking to other tabbed document windows or tabbed MDI containers.
  • Improved the docking window container logic to not make the UI inactive when controls in other focus scopes like menus/toolbars get focus.
  • Improved the logic for tracking the last-focused element within docking windows.
  • Improved the logic for tracking HwndHost focus changes with InteropFocusTracking, particularly in nested dock site scenarios.
  • Updated system drags over unselected tool window container and tabbed MDI container tabs to only select after a brief delay.
  • Updated the WindowControl template.
  • Updated a couple templates to work around issues when using multiple dispatchers.
  • Updated menu placement logic.
  • Updated non-hosted transient window drag logic for improved pointer tracking.
  • Updated the dock guide display logic for certain scenarios.
  • Updated the logic for working with layout transforms.
  • Updated logic so that when using MVVM and dragging a docking window to a linked dock site, the related item will try to move to the target dock site's items source.
  • Updated the logic for tracking where a mouse is when focus moves outside of an open auto-hide popup.
  • Fixed a bug where the old version's serialized layout files might not load properly if there were floating windows.
  • Fixed a bug where some content might not render correctly after an existing DockSite's template is reapplied.
  • Fixed a bug where ToolWindow.Attach calls might not function correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where an exception could occur when unlinking dock sites.
  • Fixed a bug where a tool window container title might not trim correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where a non-hosted auto-hide popup might not close if a dock host is unloaded.
  • Fixed a bug where a docking window might not be moved to a new location if its State property was set.
  • Fixed a bug where touch tapping on a tool window container title bar button wouldn't click the button.
  • Fixed a bug where a reopened docking window might not take on the existing docked size of its container properly.
  • Fixed a bug where when using MVVM and dragging a docking window to another linked dock site could cause a layout issue or exception in various scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where deserializing a layout for invisible dock sites could show floating windows.
  • Fixed a couple bugs related to tool window layout deserialization.
  • Updated the Prism sample's Shell code-behind to show how regions for docking windows in XAML could be exposed to the RegionManager.

Grids (work-in-progress)

  • First look at the TreeListBox and TreeListView control that are in alpha testing.


  • Fixed a bug where the ZoomContentControl's zoom to region feature might not center on the target area properly.
  • Fixed a bug where resetting the view might not result in the proper center point if virtual space is disabled.


  • Renamed ImageToMonochromeConverter to ImageSourceContentConverter and moved it to the Shared Library, along with adding some new features.


  • Reimplemented and improved the line modification mark tracking logic, also added reverted change display capabilities.
  • Added the ITextChangeOptions.CanMergeIntoPreviousChange property, which can be set to true to indicate that a programmatically-created text change should be merged into the previous text change on the undo stack.
  • Added the ITextChange.IsMerged property that returns if a text change is the result of two or more merged text changes.
  • Added the SyntaxEditor.CanBackspaceOverSpacesToTabStop property that can be set to false to only allow backspacing over a single character when ITextDocument.AutoConvertTabsToSpaces is true.
  • Added UI automation peers for IntelliPrompt quick info, parameter info, and completion lists.
  • Added an overload for the IUndoHistory.Clear method that specifies whether to also reset all change tracking, and added the IUndoHistory.Cleared event.
  • Updated the PasteDragDrop event to be raised for drag over events so that the drag effects can be manually altered. Normally events for PasteDragDropAction.DragOver can be ignored.
  • Updated the ITextChange.CustomData property to be settable.
  • Updated line number display to adjust appropriately when the first characters in a line are completely collapsed without an intra-text adornment in their place.
  • Updated text drags to not scroll past the document end when the CanScrollPastDocumentEnd option is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where decoration adornments could render incorrectly when intersecting collapsed ranges.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting lines near the end of a document could cause the remaining line numbers to not refresh properly.
  • Fixed a bug where making the line number margin visible could initially render it with incorrect width.
  • Fixed a bug where line indicators didn't toggle properly on an empty line.
  • Fixed a bug where setting an invalid font family name could cause an exception if the line number margin was visible.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Fixed a bug where the resolver was working on the name of named attribute arguments.
  • Fixed a bug where documentation comments within a region directive block could prevent the region from being code outlined properly.
Web Languages Add-on
  • Added a text formatter for the JSON language that beautifies the data.


  • Fixed a bug with WindowChrome where maximized windows with WindowStyle=None didn't properly fill the screen.


  • Fixed a bug in animated panels where an element being re-added to the panel might not properly transition in.


  • Added the DynamicImage control, which is a drop-in replacement for Image that will auto-grayscale the image content when the control is disabled.
  • Updated ImageConverter to return a DynamicImage instance instead of Image.
  • Updated ImageSourceContentConverter to work on vector GeometryDrawings too.
  • Added the attached ImageSourceContentConverter.CanConvertToMonochrome property, which can be set on portions of a DrawingImage that shouldn't be converted to monochrome, such as areas that display a selected color.
  • Added the ImageSourceContentConverter.Mode property that sets whether to convert to grayscale (default) or monochrome.
  • Added the UIColor.Luminance property and Grayscale method.
  • Updated ConditionalConverter to return TrueValue for non-empty string values.
  • Fixed a bug where a PopupButton with IsTransparencyModeEnabled set to true would show borders when disabled.


  • Updated image display in many products to use the new DynamicImage control so that disabled controls get grayscale image effects. If you encounter a 'Could not find a part of the path' to bitmap image source error, specify the absolute path to the image source using pack syntax as described in the DynamicImage documentation.

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