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Posted 6 years ago by John Dunn
Version: 16.1.0633

I'm trying to make the Document tabs draw in a very simple format but am running into issues. See

The top image is what I have been able to acheive with the following stye

    <Style x:Key="DefaultTabStyle" TargetType="{x:Type docking:AdvancedTabControl}">
      <Setter Property="TabBorderBrushActiveSelected " Value="#b9b9b9"></Setter>
      <Setter Property="TabBorderBrushInactiveSelected " Value="#b9b9b9"></Setter>
      <Setter Property="TabBackgroundActiveSelected" Value="AliceBlue"></Setter>
      <Setter Property="TabBackgroundInactiveSelected" Value="AliceBlue"></Setter>
      <Setter Property="TabForegroundActiveSelected" Value="Dimgray"></Setter>
      <Setter Property="TabForegroundInactiveSelected" Value="Dimgray"></Setter>
      <Setter Property="TabPadding" Value="3,6,3,6"></Setter>
      <Setter Property="HighlightThickness" Value="0"/>
      <Setter Property="TabCornerRadius" Value="0"></Setter>
      <Setter Property="TabBorderBrush" Value="#b9b9b9"/>
      <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="0"/>
      <Setter Property="TabBackground" Value="#d8d8d8"/>

 The bottom part of the image show how I'd like things to look. Problems include

  • 2 px instead of 1 px lines between tabs. I tried setting BorderThickness to 0,1,1,1 but it doesn't appear to actually pay attention to that
  • need 1 px border at the bottom of the unselected tabs 
  • get rid of the 1 px 'hanger downs' on each side of the selected tab

Is there a way to coerce the AdvancedTabControl to do my bidding? If not, what other options are there?

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Posted 6 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi John,

I'd probably suggest removing the BorderThickness setting and add this one instead:

<Setter Property="TabSpacing" Value="-1"/>

That should remove the border issues, "hanger downs", and ensure there's a single line between tabs.

Actipro Software Support

Posted 6 years ago by John Dunn

Thanks, that worked.

The latest build of this product (v22.1.3) was released 25 days ago, which was after the last post in this thread.

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