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Posted 6 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A major new version of the Actipro WPF controls is now available, introducing a beta of our new Shell product containing controls that allow for easy folder and file browsing.

Detailed Update List


  • Improved how the custom columns for Editors interop with DataGrid commit and cancel value changes.


  • Updated tool window context menus to hide the 'Dock as Document' menu item if there is no MDI in the current DockSite.
  • Made various improvements for usage in per-monitor DPI scenarios.
  • Improved docking window container to always select the last active window when the selected window is dragged out.
  • Updated InteropFocusTracking to help ensure that StandardSwitcher always closes properly when focus is within an interop control.
  • Updated TabbedMdiHost to set a single child TabbedMdiContainer's DockedSize when the host's DockedSize is changed.
  • Fixed a bug where lazy-loaded tool windows could appear out of a previously-serialized order.
  • Fixed a bug in the Metro theme where a floating dock host with two side-by-side tool windows could show a flicker when getting focused.
  • Fixed a bug where a reopened docking window might not select the most recent breadcrumb location for a target state.
  • Updated some automation peer logic.


  • Added the AutoCompleteBox.SelectAll method.
  • Updated the AutoComplexBox.TextChanged event arguments to pass an IsPopupAllowed property that can be set to false to prevent the popup from showing for the popup.
  • Updated DateTime manipulation methods to adhere to the current culture-based calendar's min/max values.
  • Updated TimeEditBox to preserve the date portion of the DateTime.
  • Updated EmbeddedTextBox to have AllowDrop set to true by default.
  • Updated EnumEditBox's popup to be at least the width of the edit box.
  • Moved the primitive control EmbeddedTextBox to the Shared Library so it can be used by other products as well.
  • Fixed a bug in DateEditBox, DateTimeEditBox, and TimeEditBox where setting a Minimum/Maximum could cause an empty edit box value to be filled in.
  • Fixed a bug where focusing an AutoCompleteBox control didn't forward focus into the TextBox in its template.


  • Updated PropertyGrid to support multi-selection modes.
  • Updated TreeListBoxItem to become the primary selection when in single selection mode it receives focus.
  • Added the TreeListBox.IsRootItemVisibleChanged event.
  • Added a TreeListBoxItemMenuEventArgs.IsBackground property that indicates if a right-click was past the last column in a TreeListView.
  • Updated right-clicks on selected TreeListBox items when in Multiple selection mode to not deselect.
  • Improved how TreeListBox items load children to support a lazy-loading scenario.
  • Improved TreeListBox in multi-selection mode to update TreeListBoxItem selection state when items are added that are pre-selected via an item adapter.
  • Updated TreeListBox to focus itself if an item currently has focus and its items source is changing.
  • Updated the tree node expansion logic.
  • Fixed a bug where TreeListBox with a ChildrenQueryModeDefault of OnExpansion wasn't calling the TreeListBoxItemAdapter.CanHaveChildren method properly.
  • Fixed a bug where merged properties didn't use a custom property editor specified with EditorAttribute.
  • Fixed a bug where a stack overflow could occur in TreeListBox when working with extremely deep trees.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping a TreeListBox item when filtering is active could show the dropped item in the wrong location.
  • Fixed a bug where changing a TreeListView column width to a star-sized column might not allow it to resize.
  • Fixed a bug where TreeListView column headers weren't marking clicks as handled.
  • Fixed a bug where using up/down arrow keys might not work properly in scenarios like the PropertyGrid Dynamic Properties QuickStart.
  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking a TreeListView column header resize gripper to auto-resize could raise the ColumnTapped event for the next column.
  • Fixed a bug where removing a TreeListBox item didn't properly mark that tree node as hidden.
  • Fixed a bug where adding an item to a list in a PropertyGrid with filtering active might not show the filtered items.
  • Fixed a bug where a selection change might not always scroll the newly-selected item into view properly.


  • Improved ZoomContentControl to support smaller scale steps.


  • Updated GroupPresenter to keep keyboard focus contained within the presenter when using directional arrows.
  • Improved the rendering of Backstage task tab items in Metro themes.
  • Updated several built-in icons to be vector-based for better DPI-scaling support.


  • First beta release of the Shell Object Framework and shell UI controls for browsing folder and file hierarchies.


  • Updated indicator margin glyph quick info to be based on the topmost glyph.
  • Added the IParameterInfoSession.HasSelectionChanged property.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in a previous build where IntelliPrompt quick info and parameter info sessions couldn't open for read-only text ranges.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Improved IntelliPrompt parameter info to retain its current user-specified selection, if any, as the user makes text changes.
  • Added support for the C# 'dynamic' keyword to show in IntelliPrompt.
  • Adjusted the text formatting logic.
  • Fixed a bug where hovering over a variable declarator name could show IntelliPrompt quick info for a resolved target with the same name.


  • Updated PopupButton in Classic theme to respect the IsTransparencyModeEnabled setting properly.
  • Updated AnimatedProgressBar to not animate if its IsEnabled property is set to false.
  • Updated the appearance of the PopupButton arrow.
  • Made the Actipro license validation logic thread-safe.


  • Added Metro accent theme names to the ThemeName enumeration.
  • Fixed a bug where a chromed window couldn't resize across multiple monitors appropriately if the Windows taskbar was auto-hidden.

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