WPF Controls 2018.1 build 671 Maintenance Release

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Posted 6 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new maintenance release of the WPF Controls is now available.  It is highly recommended that thid maintenance release is downloaded due to some important fixes, and major new features added to the beta Shell controls.

Detailed Update List


  • Added the DockSiteLayoutSerialization.CanKeepExistingDocumentWindowsOpen property that can be set to true to keep open document windows that were open prior to a document layout deserialization, even if they aren't in the deserialized layout data.
  • Set a default minimum window size DockSite.InitializeFloatingWindow to help prevent Win32 inconsistencies when resizing.
  • Updated TabbedMdiContainer to ensure that activating an already-selected tab makes it fully-visible.
  • Fixed a bug where a splitter drag bar could be kept visible in a certain scenario when not using live splitting.
  • Fixed problems with high DPI scenarios.


  • Added the AutoCompleteBox.CharacterCasing property that determines how characters are cased when they are manually entered into the text box.


  • Updated filtering logic to better handle the OnExpansion tree item children query mode.
  • Updated TreeListView cells to better vertically align cell content.
  • Updated Editors interop's BuiltinPropertyEditors.IsEnabled feature to support PropertyGrids created on different threads.


  • Added support for using an implicit Style targeting ScreenTip in your Application.Resources that sets a default Width, if you wish it to be wider in general for screen tips with more than just a header.


  • Added the ShellListView.LayoutMode property, which allows the control to use alternative layout modes that display various sized items in wrapping lists.
  • Added various ShellListView DataTemplate properties (such as LargeIconsLayoutModeItemTemplate) for customizing how items render in the new layout modes.
  • Added the ShellListView.CanUseThumbnails property that determines if thumbnail images can be used for rendering images in certain layout modes when available.
  • Added various thumbnail image properties to IShellObject, and updated Windows shell objects to load system thumbnail images.
  • Improved how Windows shell icons and overlays are retrieved.


  • Updated SyntaxEditor to only show the drag-allowed pointer cursor when dragging over the text area portion of the control.

Actipro Software Support