WPF Controls 2018.1 build 672 Maintenance Release

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Posted 6 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new maintenance release of the WPF Controls is now available.

Detailed Update List


  • Improved support for charts created on different threads.


  • Added the 'Close Tab Group' menu item to tabbed MDI document tab context menus.
  • Updated floating dock hosts to support layout serialization of minimized window states.
  • Fixed a focus bug that could occur when there was a floating document without any other documents in the primary dock host.
  • Improved the target size logic of the DockingWindow.MoveToNewHorizontalContainer and MoveToNewVerticalContainer methods.
  • Updated the UIA peers for docking window tabs to provide access to embedded buttons.


  • Updated edit boxes that increment Double values to snap to the nearest decimal place indicated by the increment amount.
  • Improved how MaskedTextBox handles invalid input.


  • Added UI automation peers.
  • Added the TreeListBox.ExpandAll and CollapseAll methods.


  • Added an UI automation peer for the ScreenTip control.


  • Updated ShellListView to use a new virtualizing panel for all non-Details layout modes, which speeds up shell object display in folders with many shell objects.


  • Updated several language add-on token tagger classes to better support syntax highlighting for other merged languages.
LL(*) Parser Framework
  • Updated the IParserState.ReportError method to allow a higher-level parse error to overwrite an existing parse error at the same text position.

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