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Posted 4 years ago by Daniel Constantin - ModuleWorks GmbH
Version: 19.1.0685


I have an Item class which have a Parent (of type Item) and Children(observable collection of Items).

I want to use somehow the Breadcrumb control to bind to an Item object (which will be the selected element in the Breadcrumb control) and to be able to see all the parents.

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Answer - Posted 4 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Daniel,

As long as you follow the info in the "Navigation / Breadcrumb Features / Hierarchical Data" topic in the documentation that comes with the product, along with the "Item Conversion" topic after it, you should be able to establish the root-to-item hierarchy and render that in the control.  Did you have any trouble after examining the info in those topics?

Actipro Software Support

The latest build of this product (v24.1.2) was released 2 months ago, which was after the last post in this thread.

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