No IntelliPrompt error for unknown types

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The latest build of this product (v21.1.1) was released 1 month ago, which was before this thread was created.
Posted 27 days ago by Sergey Vlasov
Version: 21.1.1

There is currently no IntelliPrompt errors when the type is not known in C# or VB file like

UnknownTypeXYZ a;

Is this a SyntaxEditor limitation?

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Posted 26 days ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Sergey,

The .NET Languages Add-on contains a parser that will report syntax errors but it does not have a compiler in it, which would be necessary to detect unknown types.  You could possibly build a custom IParser language service that calls our default IParser implementation (like CSharpParser), and also calls into a third-party compiler to detect things like this and report them in the returned parse data's Errors collection, part of the IParseErrorProvider interface for parse data.  That would allow squiggle lines to show for anything the compiler detected.

Actipro Software Support

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