SyntaxEditor (for WinForms) 4.0.0259 Maintenance Release

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Posted 17 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new SyntaxEditor (for WinForms) maintenance release is now available. Updates include:

Editor Control
  • Added overloads to the Document.GetSubstringAsHtml, GetTextAsHtml, and SaveFileAsHtml methods that accept a custom title to place in the HTML.
  • Tweaked the Simple language to have better error recovery for when function productions don't match correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where an exception could be thrown if the SyntaxEditor control was resized after it was disposed.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous maintenance release where when pressing the up arrow key, the caret might skip over a blank line.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Improved standard module support in the VB language so that member lists, quick info, and parameter info work properly for members in standard modules.
Web Languages Add-on
  • Tweaked the code that determines whether an XML element can have content or not.

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