WPF Controls v22.1.5 Maintenance Release

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Posted 1 year ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new WPF Controls maintenance release is now available.

Detailed Update List


  • Improved tool window-only layout deserialization logic for tool windows that will restore to tabbed MDI.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when deserializing tool window-only layouts.
  • Fixed an issue where complex content on a newly-added AdvancedTabControl tab might prevent the tab from scrolling into view properly.
  • Fixed an issue where activating a docking window that was contained in a minimized floating dock host wouldn't unminimize the dock host.


  • Improved UIA peer logic.
  • Updated TreeListBox.InvalidateChildren to work properly for the root item when IsRootItemVisible is false.
  • Updated TreeListBox to not handle number pad arithmetic keys if focus is within an embedded TextBoxBase control.


  • Updated group dialog launcher buttons to report an appropriate name via UI automation properties.
  • Updated ScreenTip help text to wrap in scenarios where long localized strings cause it to extend past the ScreenTip width.
  • Fixed an issue where Backstage might not show properly when the Ribbon is in an interop scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where the tab selection element might not adjust appropriately after tabs were dynamically added/removed.


  • Added ITextSnapshot.GetWordText and GetWordTextRange method overloads that accept a TextOffsetAffinity argument.
  • Added the CodeSnippetSelectionSession.RequestNavigate event, which can be used to handle description tip link clicks.
  • Improved the logic of the move selected lines up and down commands.
  • Updated pointer interaction in an editor view to quit if the view is unable to be focused.
  • Fixed an issue where setting SyntaxEditor.HasSearchOverlayPaneKeyBindings to false didn't prevent a couple ApplicationCommands with built-in key bindings from showing the search overlay pane.
  • Fixed an issue where typing in a block selection than spanned multiple word-wrapped view lines for the same single document line didn't yield expected results.
  • Fixed an issue where IntelliPrompt parameter info could flicker slightly while editing.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Improved the IProjectAssemblyReferencesCollection.Add method logic in .NET Core and later for finding system assemblies by name when they are in the same folder as mscorlib.dll.
  • Updated how an internal TypeReferenceCollection class initializes several properties for better multi-thread scenario support.
  • Fixed an issue where the VB resolver didn't properly resolve For Each statement variables that were declared outside of the loop.
  • Fixed possible exception when accessing indexed properties on ProjectAssemblyReferenceCollection in multi-threaded environments.
  • Fixed possible infinite recursion scenario with BinaryAssemblySerializer collecting type definitions.


  • Updated how WindowChrome's built-in shadow handles size changes for windows that use SizeToContent.
  • Updated WindowChrome to use new instances of WindowChromeTitleBarHeaderTemplateSelector per WindowChrome instance, allowing WindowChrome to be applied properly on Windows in different threads.
  • Updated WindowChrome to not use rounded corners in Windows 11 when the system indicates rounded corners are not allowed.


  • Updated MultiColumnPanel to use layout rounding.


  • Added new ICommand implementations for previewable and composite commands.
  • Added the PopupButton.PopupPlacement property.
  • Added a couple VisualTreeHelperExtended methods for invalidating measurement.
  • Updated ResizablePopupContentHost to support horizontal resizing.
  • Updated PopupButton to prevent an ancestor ScrollViewer from closing its popup when clicking on the whitespace area of the popup.


  • Validated .NET 7 compatibility.
  • Updated SyntaxEditor-related NuGet packages to properly support cross-platform .NET 5.0.

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