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Posted 1 year ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A major new version of the Actipro WPF controls is now available, and includes the public beta release of our new Bars product.

Detailed Update List

Bars (Beta)

  • Added a public beta of our new Bars product, which implements advanced fluent ribbons, toolbars, menus, and related controls.
  • The Ribbon control has the latest Office appearance and includes the use of subtle animations throughout all controls.
  • Ribbon can instantly switch between Classic (taller) and Simplified (single-row) layout modes, allowing for configuration of the variant resizing behavior in both modes.
  • Complex galleries can appear in the Ribbon, as well as in any popup and context menu. It's simple to create new galleries with rich visualizations for any need.
  • The StandaloneToolBar control can be used as an app's primary toolbar, or alternatively within tool windows. It can host any control that can be used in Ribbon and overflows items to a popup as needed.
  • Three user interface density options can be chosen, letting your application select whether to better support a large number of controls, or focus more on touch-friendliness.
  • Controls inherit similar native WPF controls wherever possible.
  • UI accessbility peers are implemented for the entire control hierarchy.
  • The entire control hierarchy can be built using MVVM (preferred), or alternatively directly in XAML.
  • An optional MVVM library is available that makes it easy to configure the Bars controls with MVVM techniques.


  • Improved docking window images to support monochrome vector image adaptation via ImageProvider.


  • Added the CanSnapToChangePrecision property to DoubleEditBox and SingleEditBox controls, which determines if the value should be snapped to the precision of the incremental change value prior to applying the increment.
  • Updated ByteEditBox, Int16EditBox, Int32EditBox, and SingleEditBox so out of range values (up to Int64 or Double) are trimmed to the allowed minimum/maximum range of the control instead of being treated as invalid input.


  • Added the TreeListBox.CanSelectItemOnFocus property and updated TreeListBox/TreeListView to not select an item when it first gets focus by default, which matches ListBox behavior.


  • Updated shell service logic to better handle Microsoft's recent Windows 11 updates in root Desktop child folder results.
  • Refactored the pixel sizes of images returned from IShellObject to match Windows Explorer's use of the system image lists.


  • Updated the caret blink timer's dispatcher priority to produce more consistent blink speeds.
  • Fixed an issue with HighlightingStyleRegistry importing decimal font size values for style settings on systems where the current culture recognizes the decimal point character (.) as the thousands separator.
Python Language Add-on
  • Updated the Docstring property of the reflection definition types to use a beautified version of the string instead of raw string literal text.


  • Updated the WindowChrome template so its AdornerDecorator only surrounds the window's content area instead of the entire chrome, which prevents adorners from showing on top of WindowChrome overlays.


  • Added the EmbeddedTextBox.CanSelectAllOnFocus property that if enabled, selects all text when the control receives focus.
  • Added the ImageProviderRequest.Source property and updated DynamicImage to pass itself as the source when making requests.
  • Updated EmbeddedTextBox when read-only to disable the Paste command.
  • Updated ImageProvider to support adaptation of DrawingImages nested within other DrawingImages.
  • Fixed an issue with UIColor parsing decimal alpha values from colors in rgba() format on systems where the current culture recognizes the decimal point character (.) as the thousands separator.


  • Updated .NET 5 targets to .NET 6 since .NET 5 is out of support. Users can continue to use .NET Core 3.1 targets for .NET 5 applications.
  • Updated .NET Framework 4.5.2 and 4.6.1 targets to .NET Framework 4.6.2 since it is the most recent supported version of .NET Framework.
  • Updated SyntaxEditor-related NuGet packages to properly support cross-platform .NET 6.0.
  • Updated all assemblies to be code-signed.

About WPF Controls

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WPF Studio Benefits

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In addition, if you own a WPF Studio license, you are automatically eligible to receive free licenses for any new WPF control products added to WPF Studio that come out within your year period. This benefit does not apply to WPF Essentials customers.

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