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Posted 3 months ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A major new version of the Actipro WinForms controls is now available.   This version includes modernized renderers with a new Visual Studio Blue color schemes, massive improvements to SyntaxEditor's theme system including easier dark themes support, C# 9.0 syntax support in the .NET Languages Add-on, and much more.

Detailed Update List


  • Added modern Visual Studio renderers.
  • Improved how MetroStatusBarRenderer draws the resize gripper. Added new StatusBarGripperLightColor and StatusBarGripperDarkColor properties to replace single StatusBarGripperForeColor property.
  • Improved toolbar separator rendering across multiple renderers to be more accurate.
  • Renamed VisualStudio2002BarRenderer as WindowsClassicBarRenderer.
  • Renamed Office2003BarRenderer as OfficeClassicBarRenderer.
  • Renamed VisualStudio2002StatusBarRenderer as WindowsClassicStatusBarRenderer.
  • Renamed VisualStudio2005StatusBarRenderer as VisualStudioClassicStatusBarRenderer.
  • Renamed Office2003StatusBarRenderer as OfficeClassicStatusBarRenderer.


  • Added modern Visual Studio renderers.
  • Renamed VisualStudio2002DockRenderer as WindowsClassicDockRenderer.
  • Renamed VisualStudio2002DocumentWindowTabStripRenderer as WindowsClassicDocumentWindowTabStripRenderer.
  • Renamed VisualStudio2002ToolWindowTabStripRenderer as WindowsClassicToolWindowTabStripRenderer.
  • Renamed VisualStudio2005DockRenderer as VisualStudioClassicDockRenderer.
  • Renamed VisualStudio2005DocumentWindowTabStripRenderer as VisualStudioClassicDocumentWindowTabStripRenderer.
  • Renamed VisualStudio2005ToolWindowTabStripRenderer as VisualStudioClassicToolWindowTabStripRenderer.
  • Renamed Office2003DockRenderer as OfficeClassicDockRenderer.
  • Renamed Office2003DocumentWindowTabStripRenderer as OfficeClassicDocumentWindowTabStripRenderer.
  • Renamed Office2003ToolWindowTabStripRenderer as OfficeClassicToolWindowTabStripRenderer.
  • Renamed VisualStudioTabStripRenderer as VisualStudioTabStripRendererBase.
  • Deprecated all Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 renderers with plans to remove in a future release.


  • Renamed Office2003NavigationBarRenderer as OfficeLunaNavigationBarRenderer.
  • Renamed Office2007NavigationBarRenderer as OfficeClassicNavigationBarRenderer.


  • Added native support to switch between light and dark themes using distinct color palettes for each theme intent.
  • Added SyntaxEditorThemeManager to simplify the process of switching between light and dark themes.
  • Added SyntaxEditor.IsCurrentLineNumberHighlightingEnabled feature that will render the current line number in a style defined by DisplayItemClassificationTypeProvider.LineNumberCurrent.
  • Added built-in Operator and Punctuation IClassificationType instances to ClassifictionTypes.
  • Added BuiltInClassificationTypesProvider that will automatically register highlighting styles for built-in IClassificationType instances defined in ClassificationTypes.
  • Added Punctuation classification type to sample language definitions (where appropriate).
  • Added DisplayItemClassificationTypes.WordWrapGlyph to separate the word wrap glyph color from the visible white space color.
  • Added MarkdownDeleted classification type and highlighting style to the free Markdown language project and definition files.
  • Added support for primary and secondary carets to render with different brushes based on corresponding highlighting styles.
  • Updated collapsible region foreground, current line background/border, delimiter matching background, and find match highlight background colors to render with a default opacity when configured with opaque colors.
  • Updated NavigableSymbolSelector to automatically invalidate itself when renderer-related properties of the assocaited SyntaxEditor control are changed.
  • Fixed word wrap glyphs not rendered in printer usage scenarios.
  • Fixed printer rendering when syntax highlighting was enabled and the editor was configured for use with a dark theme.
  • Changed the system font used for overlay panes to better support system text sizes and DPI scaling.
JavaScript Language Add-on
  • Added Punctuation classification type.
  • Fixed Operator classification type not being applied.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Updated the C# parser grammar to support C# 9.0 syntax.
  • Updated the Roslyn extensions to use the latest Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Compilers v4.8 NuGet package.
  • Improved resolver support for C# local functions.
  • Improved documentation comment display in IntelliPrompt to support 'para' and 'br' tags.
  • Added Punctuation classification type.
  • Fixed Operator classification type not being applied.
Python Language Add-on
  • Added support for IntelliPrompt to use type hint annotations.
  • Improved the resolver's ability to resolve types within external modules that were defined in other modules.
  • Added Punctuation classification type.
  • Fixed Operator classification type not being applied.


  • Added UIRendererManager.ColorSchemeChanged event that is raised when the UIRendererManager.ColorScheme property is changed.
  • Added several enhancements to the UIColor class with support for additional color types, grayscale conversion, and chromatic adaptation.
  • Renamed WindowsXPScrollBarRenderer as WindowsScrollBarRenderer.
  • Fixed an issue in the nativer rendering logic related to clip rectangles.


  • API documentation is based on assemblies that target .NET 6 (previously .NET Framework).
  • The Sample Browser application included with the installer changed target from .NET Framework 4.7.2 to .NET 6.
  • Removed official support for Visual Studio 2017 although users should still be able to continue using the IDE for their own applications. Sample Browser requires Visual Studio 2019 or newer.
  • Added new Visual Studio Blue color scheme and modern Visual Studio renderers.
  • Removed all previously deprecated "metro light" renderers that were replaced by the unified "metro" renderers that support both dark and light.
  • Renamed WindowsColorSchemeType.VisualStudio2005 and WindowsColorScheme.VisualStudio2005 as VisualStudioClassic.
  • Renamed all WindowsColorSchemeType.Office2007* and WindowsColorScheme.Office2007* values as OfficeClassic (e.g., Office2007Blue renamed as OfficeClassicBlue).
  • Renamed most WindowsColorSchemeType.WindowsXP* and WindowsColorScheme.WindowsXP* values as Luna (e.g., WindowsXPBlue renamed as LunaBlue). WindowsXPRoyale has been deprecated since it replicates other classic themes and will be removed in a future release.

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