WPF Controls v24.1.2 Maintenance Release

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Posted 2 months ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new WPF Controls maintenance release is now available that includes numerous new controls.

Detailed Update List


  • Added the RibbonBackstage.CanSelectFirstTabOnOpen property, which determines if Backstage should automatically select its first tab when it opens.
  • Added the Ribbon.ClearFooterCommand property, which, by default, will set the Ribbon.FooterContent property to null when invoked. In MVVM scenarios, RibbonViewModel replaces the default command with one that will set the RibbonViewModel.Footer property to null when invoked.
  • Added the RibbonFooterInfoBarContentViewModel that, once configured and assigned to RibbonViewModel.Footer property, will display an InfoBar in the footer for MVVM scenarios.
  • Added the RibbonGallery.CanAutoScrollToSelectedItem property that can be set to true to automatically scroll the gallery to the selected item on selection changes.
  • Updated BarControlService logic for resolving images, which now allows for more flexibility in downscaling large images as fallback when smaller images aren't available.
  • Updated BarMenuItem logic for determining its enabled state.
  • Updated BarPopupButtonBase logic for determining its enabled state.
  • Updated BarPopupButtonBase to ensure its popup is at least as wide as the button.
  • Updated RibbonGroup controls to center their content.
  • Updated RibbonGallery to ensure it displays its menu gallery with correct width when its ItemsSource is dynamically updated in its PopupOpeningCommand's handler.
  • Updated RibbonGallery when items change to invalidate its containing tab's variants.
  • Updated BarMenuControlWrapper to support displaying a small image in its menu icon column.
  • Updated QAT Customize menu items representing common items to use the automation ID from the related common item UI control.
  • Updated UIA peers to use Key values for AutomationId when a higher priority source is not available.
  • Updated UIA peers to prioritize explicit AutomationProperties.Name settings over Label values.
  • Updated UIA peers for dynamically-created menu items to have automation IDs.
  • Fixed an issue where a tab's layout might not be correct after changing ribbon layout modes while the ribbon is minimized.


  • Fixed an issue where canceling the DockSite.MenuOpening event wouldn't prevent docking window tabs from showing a context menu.


  • Updated EnumEditBox and EnumListBox to refresh their values if UseDisplayAttributes is enabled and the Language property is changed.
  • Updated EnumEditBox and EnumListBox to use DisplayAttribute.Order when UseDisplayAttributes is enabled and an explicit sort comparer is undefined.
  • Updated EnumEditBox and EnumListBox to support the use of DisplayAttribute.ShortName if DisplayAttribute.Name is undefined.


  • Updated TreeListBox nodes to use weak references when attaching PropertyChanged and CollectionChanged events for items.


  • Updated visible whitespace tab arrows to only render when there is enough space.
  • Updated outlining margin rendering logic for view lines with intra-line spacers.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Fixed an issue where VBIndentProvider might not indent properly after lines containing commas.


  • Updated Office themes to use rounded corners by default.
  • Updated change detection registration for system settings to prevent potential cross-thread exception.


  • Added the SettingsCard, SettingsExpander, and SettingsGroup controls, which can be used to organize and present configurable settings.


  • Added the Card control and multiple samples to demonstrate the control.
  • Added the InfoBar control and multiple samples to demonstrate the control.
  • Added a SharedResourceKeys.HorizontalListBoxItemStyleKey Style resource so that custom HorizontalListBox item styles can inherit it.
  • Added ImageTemplateSelector which can be used to present images from multiple common data types and string formats.
  • Added UserPromptBuilder.Tag property and WithTag method for storing arbitrary data.
  • Updated ResizableContentControl to set its Width/Height properties to the resulting size after resize dragging completes.
  • Updated the default value of Badge.CornerRadius from 4 to 3 which is now based on AssetResourceKeys.BadgeBorderNormalCornerRadiusKey.
  • Fixed a possible exception when assinging the owner of a UserPromptWindow if the explicit owner was undefined and the coerced owner was not valid.

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