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Posted 2 months ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A major update for our Avalonia UI controls have been released that includes numerous new controls and features. The Actipro Avalonia UI controls are a diverse set of UI controls, components, and themes for building beautiful Avalonia UI apps.

See our documentation's Getting Started section to learn how to download our open-source samples and take our Avalonia UI controls for a test drive.

Detailed Update List


  • Added the Card control, which displayed grouped information for a single subject.
  • Added the CircularProgressBar control, which renders a progress percentage in a ring shape using fluent animations, and also supports an indeterminate state.
  • Added the InfoBar control, which displays essential information to a user without disrupting the user flow.
  • Added the SegmentedBar control, which can be used to select a single item with fluent animations.
  • Added the SettingsCard, SettingsExpander, and SettingsGroup controls, which can be used to organize and present configurable settings.
  • Added UserPromptBuilder.Tag property and WithTag method for storing arbitrary data.
  • Updated Avatar control styles to prevent button-related style class names (e.g., 'theme-solid', 'theme-link') from changing the Avatar theme.
  • Updated BadgeAdorner to automatically bind Badge.DataContext to the adorned element's DataContext when Badge.DataContext is null.
  • Updated BadgeAdorner to enable clipping when the Badge is within the bounds of the adorned element and disable clipping when outside the bounds.
  • Renamed UserPromptControl's FooterImage and StatusImage properties as FooterImageSource and StatusImageSource.
  • Fixed a possible exception when assinging the owner of a UserPromptWindow if the explicit owner was undefined and the coerced owner was invalid.


  • Added the ThemeProperties.ToggleSwitchHasFarAffinityProperty attached property with updated ToggleSwitch theme to allow the knob/track of a ToggleSwitch to be arranged on the right side of the control instead of the left.
  • Updated native control themes with changes in Avalonia through v11.0.10.
  • Adjusted the default font size ratios for smaller sizes.

Shared Library

  • Added the ScrollableOverflowPresenter control that displays scroll buttons when its content overflows the available space.
  • Added ShadowChrome.IsAnimationEnabled property which can be used to enable or disable animated property transitions.
  • Added the ImageControlConverter value converter that can create an Image control for an IImage source.
  • Updated DegreeAngleAnimator to be registered as a custom animator in ModernTheme's static constructor.
  • Updated DynamicImage.DisabledOpacity so that it is relative to the control's opacity.
  • Updated HyperlinkTextBlock to support 'size-*' style classes.
  • Updated MeshGradientPresenter to work with Avalonia v11.1 API changes.
  • Updated ImageProvider's cloning of RadialGradientBrush instances to work with Avalonia v11.1 API changes.
  • Renamed ActiproSoftware.UI.Avalonia.Controls.Converters.ImageKeyToImageConverter as ImageKeyToImageSourceConverter.
  • Renamed ActiproSoftware.UI.Avalonia.Media.SharedImageKeys as SharedImageSourceKeys.


  • Updated the minimum Avalonia UI dependency from v11.0.5 to v11.0.7.

About Avalonia UI Controls

Actipro Avalonia UI Free

Several products are freely available for anyone to use in their applications, providing a strong foundation for building high-quality applications. We fully support the Avalonia UI community by providing the following products at no cost:

  • Actipro Themes ensures that a great consistent visual appearance is applied to all controls within your application, regardless of whether they are Actipro Avalonia UI control products or native Avalonia UI controls.
  • The Actipro Shared Library is a common control library referenced by all our Actipro Avalonia UI controls. It contains several very useful controls, components, value converters, and utilities that can be used in your projects.
  • The Actipro Core Library is a class library that is completely UI framework agnostic. It contains numerous helpful utilities and base classes that can be used in your .NET projects.

Actipro Avalonia UI Pro

Elevate your application by licensing additional professionally designed commercial controls and getting access to the XAML source for all of our default control styles and themes.

  • Actipro Fundamentals provides a collection of advanced controls that are useful for many different types of applications.

This is just the start. Much more is planned to be added to the Pro bundle in the future.

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