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The latest build of this product (v24.1.2) was released 2 months ago, which was before this thread was created.
Posted 2 months ago by firas jabeur
Version: 24.1.2
Platform: .NET 4.6
Environment: Windows 11 (64-bit)

I have a C# code that requires debugging, and while using the syntax editor's general quickstarts feature for "indicator debugging", I've noticed it only acts as a frontend for endpoints without allowing code modification. However, I'm seeking a robust debugger such as to Visual Studio, where I can inspect variable values during code execution. Is there a specific method or class I can utilize for proper debugging?

While exploring Actipro's documentation, I came across "Actipro Language Designer", which appears to support debugging for custom languages. However, I couldn't find a sample when downloading Actipro Syntax Editor. If such functionality exists, how can I employ it to debug C# code effectively and retrieve variable values and relevant information? 

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Posted 2 months ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

The SyntaxEditor control does not, itself, provide compiling and debugging capabilities.  The .NET Language Add-on does offer IntelliPrompt features for code completion and syntax error analysis, but not full compiling/debugging capabilities.  As a code editor, it does provide the frontend to display debugging-related visualizations like breakpoints, but the developer is responsible for synchronizing the editor view with any attached debuggers.

The Language Designer you mentioned does have a debugger, but it's a custom debugger built specifically for working with a language parser and not the execution of code written in that language.

So if you want to use SyntaxEditor as a debugging solution, you would use it as the editor for your files, but would need to integrate a third-party debugger or potentially write one yourself.  You would then wire up the user interface capabilities to reflect the state of the debugger.

Actipro Software Support

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