WPF Studio 3.5.0427 Maintenance Release

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Posted 16 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available. Updates include:

Navigation for WPF
  • Added IsEditable property to the Breadcrumb control which allows the edit-mode to be disabled.
  • Added MenuHorizontalOffset and MenuVerticalOffset properties to the Breadcrumb and BreadcrumbItem controls.
  • BREAK: Changed the default value of Breadcrumb.MenuItemTemplate so that it no longer binds to Breadcrumb.ItemTemplate.
  • Changed mapping of Generic theme to default to Aero theme for all controls.
Ribbon for WPF
  • Added the ComboBox.ActiveItemChanged event.
  • Updated the GalleryBase.ActiveItem to be the SelectedItem value when preview is not active, instead of being null.
WPF Shared Library
  • Added the PixelSnapper decorator and related RoundMode enumeration. PixelSnapper helps remove blurry images and borders in WPF.
  • Added a new Demo for the new PixelSnapper decorator.
  • Added the AnimatedExpander.IsAutoFocusOnExpandEnabled property, which when true will focus the content of the expander after the expand animation completes.
  • Added the IsAutoExpandOnFocusEnabled and IsAutoCollapseOnBlurEnabled properties to AnimatedExpander, both of which control whether the control auto-expands/collapses upon focus changes.
  • Added the AddRange and ToArray methods to the DeferrableObservableCollection class.
  • Added additional methods to VisualTreeHelperExtended for getting descendent objects.
  • Added numerous methods to ValidationHelper for validating Int32 values.
  • BREAK: Renamed ValidationHelper.ValidateDoubleIsGreaterThan to ValidateDoubleIsGreaterThanOrEqual since it does a >= check.
  • Updated the ThicknessConverter to use an optional Sides parameters enabling setting of thickness for only specific sides.
  • Updated the DateTimePicker so that when IsReadOnly is set to true, month calendar selections will not update the value.
  • Updated the DateTimePicker so that when text is typed and focus leaves the control, it will fully-expand the typed text to the real value representation when needed.
  • Fixed a bug where the AnimatedProgressBar might not update its value initially after switching back from indeterminate mode.
  • Fixed a bug in ResizableContentControl where it could have resized incorrectly in right-to-left layouts.
  • Changed mapping of Generic theme to default to Aero theme for all controls.
  • Uploaded all loading of system-based themed resource dictionaries to work around a WPF bug.

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