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Posted 16 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
We've just released WPF Studio v4.0

New Features

New Actipro Docking/MDI and Gauge for WPF Products

This major update includes two brand new products. Docking & MDI provides docking tool window and multiple document interface functionality for your WPF applications. Gauge implements circular, linear, and digital gauge controls that you can use to create digital dashboards, instrumentation replication, clocks, and more. If you've been reading the Actipro blog, you've seen a lot of info on these products by now.

Please note that the designer functionality for these new products is still work-in-progress and will be enhanced in the coming weeks.

Visual Studio Code Analysis Conformance

Starting with the v4.0 codebase, we now scan all our pre-obfuscated WPF control source code with the Visual Studio Code Analysis tool (formerly FxCop) and resolve all warnings it issues. This helps us ensure that we write the best code possible and that we conform to offical .NET standards.

Major Navigation Updates

  • Added several new demos.
  • Made several small tweaks and bug fixes.

Major Ribbon Updates

  • Added a message to the designer that indicates when the Ribbon is sized small such that it will auto-collapse at run-time.
  • Made several small tweaks and bug fixes.

Major Shared Library Updates

  • Added a new Theme Browser, String Resource Browser, and other new control product demos.
  • Enhanced the DropShadowChrome decorator.
  • Added a bunch of new minor features and made several bug fixes.

About WPF Studio

WPF Studio Licensing

You can purchase our WPF controls individually if you wish however you have the option to purchase all of them in the WPF Studio bundle. Purchasing the bundle saves almost 50% over purchasing all the WPF controls individually.

That's some incredible savings!

WPF Studio Benefits

All WPF control licenses now automatically include a free subscription for a year of free upgrades to any new versions that are released. At the end of the year, you may renew your license for another year to keep the free upgrade benefits active.

In addition, if you own a WPF Studio license, you are automatically eligible to receive free licenses for any new WPF control products that come out within your year period.

For instance, existing WPF Studio v3.5 customers receive the new Docking/MDI and Gauge products for free.

Live Demo

You can give all our lastest WPF control products a spin right in your browser as long as you have .NET 3.0 installed. Just follow the steps on this page to see live demos:

Download an Evaluation

You can download an evaluation of all our WPF controls from this page:

Upgrade to WPF Studio

Contact our sales team for information on discounted pricing for upgrading from one of our older WPF control product licenses to a license for WPF Studio or a new version of a WPF control product.

Free Upgrades to v4.0

If you own an older WPF Studio version or one of its products and would like to upgrade to this latest version, please click the request a free upgrade link on your Organzation Purchases page. The link will appear there if your upgrade eligibility is active.

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