New Maintenance Releases of All WinForms/ASP.NET Products

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Posted 16 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
New maintenance releases of all WinForms and ASP.NET products are now available. The Shared and WinUICore libraries were updated for this release.

In addition, SyntaxEditor has some very major updates and UIStudio has several minor ones.

SyntaxEditor Updates

SyntaxEditor Control
  • Added the ITextBufferReader.IsAtStart property.
  • Added the SemanticParseEventArgs and SemanticParseEventHandler classes.
  • Updated the CutCopyDragWithHtml option to properly copy text to the clipboard that conforms to CF_HTML format.
  • Updated code for the member list description to to align to the top of the current item instead of vertically centering next to it.
  • Updated the member list description tip to use the same MaximumWidth as that specified in IntelliPromptQuickInfo.MaximumWidth.
  • Added the IntelliPromptMemberList.UpdateDescriptionTip method that will immediately update the description tip for the selected item, useful in cases where a description tip is updated after a link click within it.
  • Tweaked the quick info code to allow the SyntaxEditorViewMouseHover event to fire when the mouse is over the same token if the selection was changed.
  • Fixed a bug in regards to code fragments not always parsing header text correctly due to an offset issue.
  • Fixed a bug where the member list description tip may not initially show for the first item in the list once it has been fully selected.
  • Fixed a bug where look-behinds in lexical patterns weren't always executing properly when the parsed text was in Document.HeaderText.
  • Fixed a bug where calls to EditorView.ReplaceSelectedText with a reselect flag may not reselect properly if the text contained carriage returns.
  • BREAK: Updated the AstNodeBase class so that end offset tracking better handles negative offsets caused by Document.HeaderText usage. Now EndOffset will be StartOffset - 1 when there is no end offset. Before, a value of -1 was considered no end offset.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Made some major improvements in terms of type construction for IntelliPrompt when working with generic methods.
  • Improved IntelliPrompt support when working with both normal and generic delegates.
  • Added IntelliPrompt support for construction expressions (new StringBuilder().).
  • Began enabling some IntelliPrompt functionality when working with lambda expressions.
  • Added the SourceProjectContent.SemanticParseComplete event, which fires when semantic parsing completes for a source request.
  • Added the AssemblyCodeRepository.AppDomainCreated event, allowing for additional ties in to help resolve assemblies. Added the AppDomainEventArgs and AppDomainEventHandler classes.
  • Updated all C# type declarations to default to Internal access when no access modifier is specified.
  • Updated VB Modules to default to Friend access when no access modifier is specified.
  • Updated all other VB type and member declarations to default to Public access when no access modifier is specified.
  • Updated the TypeMemberDropDownList so that when the attached SyntaxEditor's Document or language is changed, it will update.
  • Updated the DotNetProjectResolver.AddExternalReferenceForSystemAssembly method so that it will also search the v3.0 and v3.5 reference assembly folders.
  • Fixed a bug where C# statements like 'foreach' which declare variables and could have child statements without a block wouldn't show IntelliPrompt on the declared variables.
  • Fixed a bug where the InterfacePropertyDeclaration.GetAccessor value wasn't being stored properly.
  • Fixed a bug in the VB language where calling ReDim on a member access expression could generate a semantic error.
  • Fixed a bug in the VB language where member list invocations for a With statement expression may not show.
  • Fixed a bug where exception variables declared in Catch clauses weren't providing IntelliPrompt.
  • Fixed a bug where the use of namespace aliases in a base type specification could throw an exception.
  • Fixed a bug where IntelliPrompt for constructed types defined in an assembly didn't always appear correctly.
  • BREAK: Added a DotNetProject resolver parameter to IProjectContent.GetExtensionMethods.
  • BREAK: Replaced the CatchClause.TypeReference and VariableName properties with the VariableDeclarator property.
Web Languages Add-on
  • Improved context building code.
  • Added the XmlSyntaxLanguage.FormattingOptions property, with a related XmlFormattingOptions class, which has a NormalizeTagWhitespace option.
  • Updated the WinUICore/Shared libraries.

UIStudio Updates

Bar Controls
  • Fixed a bug that could occur in a certain scenario where the Modify Selection button's menu on the Customize dialog could appear behind the dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where the standard MDI buttons for a maximized child window may not show up in the MenuBar if the window is initially maximized.
Dock Controls / TabStrip
  • Tweaked how inner fill tool windows adjust size when adding/removing.
  • Updated the WinUICore/Shared libraries.

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