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Posted 14 years ago by Matt Whitfield
Ok, so in Windows 7 (can anyone work out how it was 7? 2000 was NT5, XP was NT6, Vista was NT7??)

But anyway, in Windows 7 Touch Gesturing is supposed to be a big thing. So that got me thinking about SE5.

There's the obvious bits of support - like pinch to zoom out, flick to scroll, tap to fold/unfold regions, But I was thinking that there's a lot of clever people in this forum and we could, between us, come up with some good ideas on how Touch might be integrated into SE.

I mean maybe it wouldn't be an SE5 thing, maybe it would be an SE6 thing - but thought it might be a good discussion?

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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
Hi Matt,

I hear you there, I think Microsoft does a different name for each Windows on purpose to make it more difficult for people to track of what is what.

Go ahead and throw out any ideas anyone has. My guess is that touch won't be available until .NET 4.0 is released, which probably will coincide with VS 2010.

Actipro Software Support