Problem with autohide animation over WindowsFormsHost

Posted 9 years ago by Avatar Bjørnar Sundsbø - Norway
I am still having problems with animation of an autohide tool window over a WindowsFormsHost. The tool window is still behind the WindowsFormsHost even after updating to version 482.

I previously reported a bug with WindowsFormsHost on a docked tool window, where the WindowsFormsHost was not hidden when going to full screen mode. This seems to be fixed, which is good.

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Bjørnar Sundsbø

Bjørnar Sundsbø

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Posted 9 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

There is a new option in build 482 that you need to set to get the autohide flyouts over WindowsFormsHost working correctly.

Our latest blog post describes it and there also is a new documentation topic in build 482 that talks about Interop Compatibility. Read either of those to learn more about how to use the option, preferably the Interop Compatibility topic.

Actipro Software Support
Posted 9 years ago by Bjørnar Sundsbø - Norway
That took care of it.


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Bjørnar Sundsbø
Posted 2 years ago by Shawn Kendrot

Instead of saying "Go find some blog to which we will not post a link" can you put the solution? This is still a problem in 2015 and I'm looking for a way to solve it.


Thank you

Posted 2 years ago by Shawn Kendrot

I was able to find the blog post. Luckily Bjørnar Sundsbø edited his post so it showed the date. "7 years ago" isn't much to go off of.

For anyone else the solution is to set UseHostedAutoHidePopups to False on the DockSite

<docking:DockSite UseHostedAutoHidePopups="False">
Posted 2 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

Hi Shawn,

The airspace issue is core to WPF since any interop content like WinForms controls will always render on top of WPF content in the same window/popup.  As mentioned in the previous reply from a while back, we have workarounds (more than just that one property too) that are described in detail in the product documentation.  In the 2015.1 version, this topic's path in the documentation is "Docking / Interoperability / WinForms Compatibility".  Please read the topic there since it will tell you what properties to set and why.

In the upcoming 2016.1 version of Docking/MDI (codenamed vNext), we've done major rewriting of the entire product and interop support is further improved, such as splitters will be able to draw over interop content, etc.  In the 2016.1 version (not out yet), the topic's path will be "Docking / Interop Compatibility".

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