WPF Studio 2009.1 build 0501 Maintenance Release

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Posted 15 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new WPF Studio maintenance release is now available that adds a lot of new features to SyntaxEditor and Editors, along with numerous updates to other products too.

Docking/MDI for WPF

  • Tweaked the dock guide highlighting code.
  • Fixed a clipping bug in right-to-left flow direction that occurred when DockSite.UseHostedAutoHidePopups was false.
  • Fixed an issue with generating the preview images for the standard switcher (i.e. Ctrl+Tab window).
  • Fixed a bug in XBAP where a tool window container's may be sized very small on startup.

Editors for WPF

  • Added new TimeSpanEditBox for modifying TimeSpan type.
  • Added enhanced clipboard support for values of PartEditBox-derived controls.
  • BREAK: Renamed Part.TransitionCharacters to MoveFocusCharacters, to more clearly identify the meaning of the property.
  • BREAK: Renamed methods ConvertValueToText/ConvertTextToValue to ConvertToString/ConvertFromString in TypeSpecificPartEditBoxBase and TypeSpecificPartGroupBase.
  • Fixed issue with Int32EditBox and Int32RectEditBox currency format, which required '$' to be entered.
  • Added IsMatchedTerminally property and associted event to MaskedTextBox.
  • Added IsFocusMovedOnTerminalMatches property to PartEditBox/PartGroup/Part, which allows a Part to move focus when no more text can be entered into it.
  • Fixed issue with Visual Studio Designer task panes when certain Visibility properties where set to a Binding.
  • Made a few memory optimizations when generating items for display.
  • Added the "DateTimeEditBox Custom Text" QuickStart.
  • Added the "MaskedTextBox Filter Input" QuickStart.
  • Added the "PartEditBox Moving Focus" QuickStart.
  • Added a clear button and associated properties to the MonthCalendar control.
  • Added the "MonthCalendar Clear Button" QuickStart.
  • Fixed issue with pressed look of the today button in MonthCalendar.
  • Fixed issue with using DateTimeEditBox drop-down in a separate focus scope.
  • Fixed performance issue with using larger maximum quantifier values (e.g. "\d{1,100}") in MaskedTextBox.
  • Fixed issue with masks that allowed empty strings (e.g. "\d{0,10}") preventing any input in MaskedTextBox.
  • Fixed issue with setting caret location in MaskedTextBox with input prompts.
  • Fixed issue with clearing selection in MaskedTextBox, PasswordBox, and TextBox with mouse.
  • Fixed issue with setting initial view of MonthCalendar when used in DateTimeEditBox drop-down.
  • Updated Foreground property for Styles in Editors.Interop.Ribbon to match Ribbon controls.
  • Added new CenterSlotHorizontalAlignment property for SlottedItemsControl derived controls (e.g. PartEditBox).
  • Fixed issue with MaskedTextBox caret not properly being updated or scrolled into view with selection.
  • Added the "PartEditBox Horizontal Alignment" QuickStart.
  • Fixed issue with DoubleEditBox and others changing their Value as the Format is changed.
  • Fixed issue with some double formats that would not allow only the fraction to be entered.
  • Added support for NaN and Infinity (positive and negative) to parts-based editors for Double, Point, Rect, Size, and Vector types.
  • Updated several Demos and QuickStarts.

Navigation for WPF

  • Added new NavigationBar transitions QuickStart to the Windows variation of the Sample Browser.
  • Fixed issue with setting Breadcrumb.SelectedItem before the control was loaded.
  • Fixed issue with setting initial selection in a NavigationBar when using non-NavigationPane items.
  • Added new "NavigationBar Bound Items" QuickStart.
  • Updated default style for Breadcrumb to properly set overflow button foreground, required by recent changes to PopupButton.
  • Updated NavigationBar to better handle minimization resizing when placed directly within a UserControl within a Grid.
  • Updated BreadcrumbButtonBase to animate drop-down arrow, required by recent changes to PopupButton.

PropertyGrid for WPF

  • Fixed refresh issue when binding to PropertyGridPropertyItem.Value, but using ValueAsString in the associated property editor.

Ribbon for WPF

  • Tweaked the bullet alignment in the native CheckBox and RadioButton themes.
  • Updated the mini-toolbar so that dynamic resizing can occur.
  • Updated screen tips so they don't display on context menu items.
  • Updated how the Combobox control executes commands when it is not editable.
  • BREAK: Updated the MiniTooBarService.NotifyMouseMove to accept a Point parameter.
  • Tweaked RibbonWindow to fix size-to-content layout issues.
  • Updated RibbonWindow to look correct when maximized in Windows 7.

SyntaxEditor for WPF

  • BREAK: Changed ISyntaxLanguage to use the service locator design pattern instead of being property-based for features and event sinks. Related documentation added and samples updated.
  • BREAK: Changed IntelliPrompt sessions to use the service locator design pattern instead of input processors for event sinks. Related documentation added and samples updated.
  • Added the EditorSnapshotChangedEventArgs.TypedText property (SyntaxEditor.DocumentTextChanged event args) that is filled in when after an end user types some text, making for an ideal place to show a completion list.
  • Updated the Completion List Filtering and Match Options QuickStarts to show how to display a list after typing "this.".
  • Updated the Completion List Tag QuickStart to show how to display a list after typing "<".
  • Added the IExampleTextProvider and ITextStatisticsFactory interfaces, for use as services on languages.
  • Added the IActiveEditorViewChangeEventSink, IEditorDocumentTextChangeEventSink, IEditorViewKeyInputEventSink, IEditorViewMouseInputEventSink, IEditorViewTextInputEventSink, and IEditorViewSelectionChangeEventSink interfaces, for use as services on languages and IntelliPrompt sessions.
  • Added the ICompletionProvider, which can be used as a service on a language to add support for Ctrl+Space display of completion lists.
  • BREAK: Removed the OnDocumentTextChanging, OnDocumentTextChanged methods from SyntaxLanguage. Use new event sinks instead.
  • BREAK: Removed the SyntaxEditor.InputProcessors and IIntelliPromptSession.InputProcessor properties. Use new event sinks instead.
  • Updated the EditorSearchView's scope options to use string resources.
  • Added the EditorSearchView.ModeChanged event.
  • Added the IQuickInfoSession.ControlKeyDownOpacity property.
  • Added the SyntaxEditor.IsTextDataBindingEnabled property, which allows the SyntaxEditor.Text property to be data bound.
  • Updated the Data Binding QuickStart to reflect usage of the data binding improvements.
  • BREAK: Renamed IntelliPromptCompleteWordAction to RequestIntelliPromptCompletionSessionAction, and ShowIntelliPromptParameterInfoAction to RequestIntelliPromptParameterInfoSessionAction. Renamed related commands on EditorCommands and updated samples appropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where typing find text in the EditorSearchView would not enable the Find button until the textbox lost focus.
  • Fixed a bug where an EditorDocument could not be set in XAML when the SyntaxEditor was used within a DataTemplate.
  • Fixed a bug where LocationToPosition calls used with the Absolute option were returning valid positions after the end of a line.

Wizard for WPF

  • Added a QuickStart that shows how to integrate the transition effects provided by the WPF Pixel Shader Effects Library into the Wizard.

Shared Library for WPF

  • Added a QuickStart that shows how to integrate the transition effects provided by the WPF Pixel Shader Effects Library into the TransitionPresenter.
  • Changed the type of the PopupIndicator property on PopupButton from UIElement to Object.
  • Added a PopupIndicatorTemplate property to PopupButton.
  • BREAK: Updated PopupButton to no longer add PopupIndicator as logical child.
  • Updated RadioButtonList's item template and added an Orientation property to allow items to be displayed horizontally.
  • Updated PopupButton so it's associated arrow is always pointing down.

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