WPF Studio 2009.1 build 0502 Maintenance Release

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Posted 15 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new maintenance release for WPF Studio is now available. Changes include:


  • Fixed an issue with child controls being unloaded when moving a docked window.


  • Fixed issue with copying and pasting from one ColorEditBox to another.
  • Fixed issue with copying part group when TimeSpanSignPart is focused.
  • Fixed issue with "MaskedTextBox Filter Input" QuickStart not immediately setting text to uppercase.
  • Fixed caret placement when collapsing selection.


  • Changed the type of the NameTemplateKey and ValueTemplateKey properties on IPropertyDataAccessor (and supporting classes) from ResourceKey to object.
  • Changed the type of the EditorTemplateKey property on ICategoryEditorDataAccessor (and supporting classes) from ResourceKey to object.


  • BREAK: Removed a code trick added in the previous build that implemented extension methods in .NET 2.0/3.0 assemblies since it caused problems with some VB projects. Moved the SyntaxLanguageExtensions type (which contains numerous ISyntaxLanguage helper extension methods) to the sample project (/ProductSamples/SyntaxEditorSamples/Common folder), where it can be copied and used until we migrate our SyntaxEditor requirements in the future to be .NET 3.5 instead of .NET 3.0.

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