New Maintenance Releases of All WinForms/ASP.NET Products

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Posted 15 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
New versions of all WinForms and ASP.NET products are now available, that include a WinUICore update. Changes/enhancements include:


SyntaxEditor Control

  • Added the EditorViewMouseEventArgs.ToolTipTargetOffset property that allows for altering the location of a tooltip from a hover event.
  • Added the MergableLexicalParserManager.SourceKey property.
  • Fixed a bug where mouse selection was enabling selection when SyntaxEditor.SelectionModes were preventing certain modes.
  • Fixed a bug in wildcard search expressions dealing with [...].
  • Fixed a bug with the regular expression engine when using negative look-behinds.
  • Fixed a bug where Unicode characters may not export to RTF correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where dotted underlines could blur together when scrolling horizontally.
  • Fixed a bug where an Implements attribute on the AST node base declaration in a grammar wasn't processed.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the font size when word wrap was on may not update the scrollbar maxes.

.NET Languages Add-on

  • Updated the C# lexer/parser to support C# 4.0 syntax.
  • Updated the VB lexer/parser to support VB 10.0 syntax.
  • Added IntelliPrompt support for indexers in VB.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Ctrl+Space by a keyword wouldn't initialize member list selection properly.

Web Languages Add-on

  • Added IntelliPrompt support for xs:boolean.
  • Added IntelliPrompt support for xs:list.
  • Fixed a validation error when a DefaultNamespace was set and the root element had no content.


Bar Controls

  • Added the BarMergeAction.InsertAfter option.
  • BREAK: Changed the BarManager.PopupAnimation default to be the new Default option. When default, a popup animation will be chosed based on operating system settings.
  • Popup animation will auto-disable on Windows Vista and later due to rendering issues on those operating systems.
  • Updated menu show delay to use system settings.
  • Fixed a bug where menu popups may not show when Alt was pressed/release and a mnemonic key was pressed.

Dock Controls / TabStrip

  • Added the DockManager.TabbedMdiRightClickSelectsTab and TabStrip.RightClickSelectsTab properties.
  • Improved DockManaager.ToolWindowsCanResize to prevent all tool window splitters from working when false.
  • Improved last active control tracking on tabs so that focus is better restored when a tab is reselected.
  • Fixed a bug where auto-hide may stop working in a DockManager that is hosted within a floating tool window.


  • Added support for strike-out options in highlighting styles.

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