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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A major new version of WPF Studio is now available that adds a new Views product, makes numerous updates to other existing products, adds VS 2010 sample projects, and changes products to target the .NET 3.5 SP1 (or later) framework.

Detailed Update List


  • Updated NewRowTemplateBehavior to focus first column that is not read-only.
  • Fixed issue with DataGridExtensions.GetRow method that would throw exception if the item was not found.
  • Upgraded WPF Toolkit references to use latest Feb 2010 release.

Docking / MDI

  • Improved ability to always use a parent DockSite switcher, when there are nested DockSites.
  • Fixed issue where docking windows could not be docked into an empty tabbed MDI host.
  • Fixed issue with place holders not being removed for document windows when they are destroyed.
  • Fixed issue with floating docking windows shrinking when moving around in certain themes.
  • Fixed issue with resizing standard MDI windows when close to minimum size.
  • Fixed issue with DockingWindow.Activate(false) on closed windows always focusing the activated window.
  • Fixed issue with styling the tabbed MDI tab foreground brush.
  • Fixed issue with tabbed MDI documents getting hidden in certain cases.


  • BREAK: Updated parts to only handle Enter key if a pending change is committed.
  • Added IsReadOnly property to PartEditBox and associated support to derivations.
  • Updated DateTimeEditBox so the time value is always retained when only showing/modifying date parts.
  • Added workaround for binding issues seen with PartEditBox-derived controls.
  • Optimized default styles for PartEditBox-derived controls.
  • Fixed issue where dragging hour hand in AnalogClock would not snap to nearest hour when minutes was larger than 30.
  • Fixed issue in Int32EditBox Custom Range QuickStart when using spinner buttons.
  • Fixed issue with customizing Langauge property on MonthCalendar.


  • BREAK: Updated interactive circular pointers to use closest value between minimum and maximum when dragging outside the sweep angle.


  • Fixed issue in NavigationBar where the selected pane would no longer look selected when minimizing/expanding.


  • Added PropertyChanging and PropertyChanged events to PropertyGrid.
  • Added QuickStart to demonstrate new events on PropertyGrid.
  • Added advanced support for collection types, such as lists and dictionaries, including inline editing.
  • Added PropertyChildAdded/Adding/Removed/Removing events to PropertyGrid.
  • Added three QuickStarts to new collection support in PropertyGrid.
  • Added overridable methods to DataFactory to allow easier customization of categories, category editors, and merged properties.
  • BREAK: Changed PropertyGrid.SortComparerProperty to be attached/inherited so it will be passed down to item containers.
  • BREAK: Changed base class of CategoryEditorDataAccessor to DataAccessorBase to better leverage existing code and match similar classes.
  • Updated PropertyEditor lookup to support interfaces.
  • Made NameTemplateSelector and ValueTemplateSelector public so they can be extended.
  • Made ReflectionPropertyDescriptor public so it can be used to dynamically populate the PropertyGrid.
  • Added additional constructors to PropertyDescriptorDataAccessor to make it easier to dynamically populate the PropertyGrid.


  • Changed various aspects of the ribbon UI to render more like the new Scenic ribbon and Office 2010 standards by default.
  • Added the Ribbon.UseScenicLayout property that can be set to false to use the Office 2007 'orb' style application button, as was the default in previous versions.
  • Updated templates for the Ribbon, RibbonWindow, ApplicationButton, ApplicationMenu, and QuickAccessToolBar.
  • Updated RibbonWindow and ContextualTabGroup to use shader effects for text outer glow.
  • Added two new QuickStart that demo new features.
  • Added underlines to menu item labels when a key tip access character is used in the label.
  • Added the Ribbon.IsTitleBarAreaVisible property that allows the title bar area of the ribbon to be hidden, which is useful in scenarios where the Ribbon is not in a RibbonWindow, does not allow the QAT above the ribbon, and doesn't use contextual tab groups.
  • Added the RibbonWindow.HasRibbon property.
  • Added the Ribbon.IsRibbonWindowIconVisible property.
  • Double-clicking the application button no longer defaults to closing the window, since the Window's Icon is always displayed in the title bar now and can be double-clicked.
  • Marked the ApplicationMenuInnerBorderBrushKey and all QatAbove*BrushKeys as obsolete since they are no longer used.
  • BREAK: Added the FontFamilyComboBox.IsTypefaceValidationEnabled property, which defaults to false. When true, it controls if typefaces for listed fonts are validated before the fonts are added. The feature was automatic in 2009.2 however it can cause a couple second delay when loading the window so it now defaults to being disabled.
  • Added code to work around a possible exception when a RibbonWindow is closing and the mouse is over a non-glass title bar.
  • Updated RibbonWindow in classic themes to remove a border when opened as maximized on .NET 4.0.
  • Updated CheckBox/RadioButton styles.


  • Added the CollapsedText, CollapsibleRegion, OutliningMarginSquare, OutliningMarginVerticalRule, SavedChangesMark, and UnsavedChangesMark properties to the DisplayItemClassificationTypes and DisplayItemClassificationTypeProvider classes, thereby allowing end user customization of those display brushes.
  • Added the SyntaxEditor.DefaultHighlightingStyleRegistry and TextStylePreview.HighlightingStyleRegistry properties, allowing for an optional alternate default highlighting style registry to be used.
  • Added the TextExporterFactory that should be used in replacement of TextExporters since it allows for a custom IHighlightingStyleRegistry to be used if desired. TextExporters is marked obsolete and will be removed in the future.
  • Added the IHighlightingStyleRegistry.Description property.
  • Updated the Highlighting Styles Viewer QuickStart to show how it can be used to configure multiple highlighting registries.
  • Added the ICodeDocument.QueueParseRequest method, that allows for programmatic initiation of a parse.
  • Added the EditorSearchView.FocusFindWhatTextBox method, that selects all and focuses the find-what TextBox.
  • Updated EditorSearchView to run Find Next functionality when it has focus and Enter is pressed.
  • Updated SyntaxEditor.InvalidateViews to clear cached rendering brushes.
  • Added the SyntaxLanguageExtensions class to the SyntaxEditor assembly now that it targets .NET 3.5 SP1.
  • Added the CodeDocument.CreateParseRequest method that can be overridden to customize an auto-generated IParseRequest for the document.
  • Updated the Language Designer output.
  • Changed the ICompletionSession.Committing and IIntelliPromptSession.Closed events from CancelEventHandler to EventHandler<CancelEventArgs>.
  • Fixed a bug with whole word searches.
  • Fixed a bug with finding text at the start of a document.
  • Fixed a bug where doing a replace with whitespace may not work correctly.


  • First product release.


  • Updated how implicit styles in AeroWizard are set up to apply to pages and the button container, allowing for custom AeroWizard templates while retaining the default styles.
  • Updated AeroWizardWindow to use shader effects for text outer glow.

Shared Library

  • Updated AnimatedExpander to only show its ToolTip for header content.
  • Updated AnimatedExpander arrows to indicate the direction that the content will move.
  • Added ValidateDoubleIsNumberOrNaN method to ValidationHelper.

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