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Posted 14 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A major new version of WPF Studio is now available that adds Office 2010 themes and added an enormous number of features to many products.

See the latest newsletter for a high-level list of new features and screenshots.

Detailed Update List


  • Added support for new Office 2010 blue/black/silver themes.


  • Added support for new Office 2010 blue/black/silver themes.
  • Added an option to deserialize layout information for either tool windows only, or the entire layout (document and tool windows).
  • Added support for automatically creating docking windows when deserializing layout information.
  • Added support for lazily loading layout information when docking window is registered at a later time.
  • Added the Layout Auto Creation, Layout Lazy Loading, and Layout Persistence QuickStarts to demonstrate new serialization features.
  • Removed extraneous information from being serialized out when saving layout.
  • Added support for various tab overflow behaviors to tabbed MDI and tool window containers.
  • Added new Tab Overflow Behavior QuickStart to demonstrate new tab overflow behavior configuration options.
  • Altered Styles for ToolWindow, DocumentWindow, TabbedMdiContainer, and ToolWindowContainer to support tab overflow behaviors.
  • Added context menu support to AutoHideTabStrip, which allows access to auto-hide tool windows that are off-screen.
  • Added ContextMenuType property to DockingWindowContextMenuEventArgs to provide more context about the menu being created/shown.
  • Added DockingCommands.OpenToolsMenu which shows a context menu for the active tool windows in a ToolWindowContainer.
  • Added StandardMdiHost.ArrangeMinimizedWindows method so minimized windows can be explicitly arranged at any time.
  • Added optional scrolling support to the StandardMdiHost which can be configured using the new IsScrollingEnabled property.
  • Added ability to hide maximize and minimize buttons of standard MDI child windows.
  • Added ability to disable auto-cascade of standard MDI child windows using new StandardMdiHost.IsAutoCascadeEnabled property.
  • Added ability to hide the frame and title bar for a maximized WindowControl using the new IsMaximizedFrameVisible property.
  • Improved drag/drop support so windows in the auto-hide state will close when the mouse is dragged away.
  • Added ability to hide the frames and title bars to StandardMdiHost when the child windows are maximized using the new AreMaximizedWindowFramesVisible property.
  • Added methods to StandardMdiHost which can be used to close, maximize, minimize, or restore the primary window.
  • Added StandardMdiHost.WindowStateChanged event which is raised when a MDI child window is maximized, minimized, or restored.
  • Updated Standard MDI-Only QuickStart to demonstrate new features.
  • Added new Ribbon & Standard MDI Integration QuickStart to demonstrate how to merge the document title and minimize/restore/close buttons into the Ribbon.
  • Added ability to hide document or tool window columns in the standard switcher.
  • Added new Switcher (Standard) QuickStart to demonstrate the standard switcher and the available options.
  • Added DockingWindowPreview decorator, which can be used to present a live preview of any DocumentWindow or ToolWindow.
  • Added new Docking Window Preview QuickStart to demonstrate the DockingWindowPreview decorator.
  • Updated default ToolWindow style to allow the ToolTip to be customized.
  • Added new Preview ToolTips QuickStart to demonstrate how to use the DockingWindowPreview decorator in a ToolTip.
  • Added ToolWindowContainer.SingleTabLayoutBehavior and associated DockSite property to control how containers with a single window display tabs (hide, show, or stretch).
  • Added new Single Tab Layout Behavior QuickStart to demonstrate new single tab layout configuration option.
  • Added new Buttons On Selected Tabs QuickStart to demonstrate how to move the tool window buttons to the tab of the selected item.
  • Updated images to use Uniform stretching instead of UniformToFill to better support non-square images.
  • BREAK: Updated default styles and control templates to use ItemContainerStyle instead of using implicit styles for document and tool windows.
  • BREAK: Removed DockingWindow.AutoApplyStyleToInheritedClasses property since it is no longer needed.
  • BREAK: Renamed the StandardMdiHost.WindowsHaveMinimizeButtons property to CanWindowsMinimize.
  • BREAK: Replaced the TabbedMdiTabPanel and ToolWindowTabPanel with the new DockingWindowTabPanel.
  • BREAK: Replaced AreDocumentDropDownButtonsVisible property in TabbedMdiHost and ToolWindowContainer with TabOverflowBehaivor.
  • BREAK: Changed DockingCommands.OpenOptionsMenu command parameter to a DockingContextMenuType, so the type can be provided when raising the DockSite.WindowContextMenu event.
  • BREAK: Removed DockSiteLayoutSerializer.CanLoadToolWindowTitles property since the title is no longer saved or restored.
  • Fixed issue with DockingWindow.State property not being properly updated when deserializing layout for a DockSite that is loaded.
  • Added component resource keys and associated brushes for document tab highlight so it can be customized.
  • Fixed issue with using StandardMdiHost in a container that allowed unlimited space, such as StackPanel.
  • Added TitleBarVisibility property to RaftingWindow and RaftingWindowControl, which can be used to customize the visibility of the title bar.
  • Fixed issue where docking cross was getting cut off by 1 pixel in certain themes.
  • Fixed issue with calculating bounds of HostedRaftingWindowContainer in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with document and tool windows appearing active when used in a DockSite located inside an outer document or tool window.
  • Fixed issue with non-hosted popups being positioned incorrectly when a layout transform is applied to the DockSite or one of its ancestors.
  • Fixed issue where document and tool windows were not activating and focusing immediately upon mouse down in tab or title bar.
  • Fixed issue with using DockingCommands.ClosePrimaryDocument and Ctrl+F4 with an inner and outer DockSite.
  • Fixed issue with StandardMdiHost restoring minimized windows when it windows are closed.
  • Fixed issue with selected tabbed MDI document tabs rendering incorrectly in certain scenarios.


  • Added support for new Office 2010 blue/black/silver themes, including Ribbon (Interop) styles.
  • Updated CountryComboBox and CurrencyComboBox styles to set a default text search path.
  • Updated MonthCalendar tab navigation behavior.
  • Added SelectFirstGroup method to PartEditBox, which can be used to select all the text of the first group.
  • Fixed issue with Luna themes for native TextBox control.
  • Fixed issue with bindings that use LostFocus and selecting a value from the popup of PartEditBox and its derivations.
  • Fixed unhandled exception thrown on system that have the keyboard caret blink interval set to none.
  • Fixed issue with border of DropDownButton not snapping to device pixels in Office 2007 theme.
  • Fixed issue with MonthCalendar extended and range selection when using next/previous month buttons.
  • Fixed issue with PartEditBox and its derivations not always taking the focus back from the popup when it closes.
  • Fixed issue with MaskedTextBox not displaying literal characters at the end of the mask.
  • Fixed issue with MaskedTextBox not deleting literal characters at the beginning of the input when backspacing.


  • Added support for new Office 2010 blue/black/silver themes.
  • Updated NavigationBar so images that are smaller than required are centered and not scaled up.
  • Updated an expander style to fix a potential measurement issue.
  • Added ZoomContentControl.TranslatePointFromContent method to translate points from the content element.
  • Fixed unhandled exception when changing theme of ZoomContentControlSlider.


  • BREAK: Made several changes to increase performance of the PropertyGrid (see documentation for a complete list of changes).
  • BREAK: Updated PropertyGrid so it will update its items after it has been loaded once, instead of only updating if it is currently loaded.
  • Added support for new Office 2010 blue/black/silver themes.
  • Added support for nested categories when using SelectedObject(s)/Properties.
  • Fixed issue with using implicit Styles for TreeListViewColumnHeader.


  • Major style, template and resource updates to add three full Office 2010 themes.
  • Added the ToggleMinimizationButton control that can be added to Ribbon.TabPanelItems to provide an Office 2010-like toggle minimization button.
  • Improved the CloneService to clone bindings made on dependency properties.
  • Updated the ribbon:Separator controls to look better in the QAT.
  • Improved the system icon menu display.
  • Changed CheckableCommandParameter to inherit Freezable to help resolve Tag property binding issues.
  • Fixed an issue where editable ComboBox controls could appear enabled when disabled in a theme.
  • Fixed an issue with RibbonWindow selecting the wrong frame size from the given ICO file.
  • Fixed a bug where switching themes could cause the glass outer glow effects on contextual tab groups to render incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where a non-scenic Ribbon that started in a minimized Window wouldn't position the orb application button correctly.
  • Updated the FontFamilyComboBox to ensure fonts are sorted properly.
  • Updated key tip service code to not show key tips when Alt is released if the mouse was clicked while Alt was down.
  • Updated styles to ensure custom implicit styles don't affect ribbon control foregrounds.
  • Updated galleries to not raise extra CancelPreview notifications when a Commit will occur.


  • Added the Web Languages Add-on (sold separately from WPF Studio) that includes an advanced XML syntax language implementation with validation, code outlining, and automated IntelliPrompt based on XSDs.
  • Added new HTML and XML Editor demos, and a new Getting Started QuickStart that show off the XML syntax language from the Web Languages Add-on.
  • Added the LL(*) Parser Framework, which makes it easy to construct advanced text parsers using EBNF-like grammar natively written in C#/VB that integrate easily with SyntaxEditor, have customizable AST construction, robust error handling, and many more features.
  • Added a new add-on that integrates SyntaxEditor with Irony parsers, including support for AST building and parse error reporting.
  • Completely redesigned the Getting Started QuickStart series into a 15-part start-to-finish language implementation that shows everything from parsing to realistic IntelliPrompt.
  • Added a new Language Transitions QuickStart that shows how to merge two independent languages together.
  • Added a free Ruby language definition.
  • Added the SquiggleTagQuickInfoProvider service that can be registered on a language to automatically provide IntelliPrompt quick info tips for parse errors returned by a parser.
  • Added the ISquiggleTag.ContentProvider property.
  • Added the IParseRequest.Language property, which passes the syntax language that owns the parser, if known.
  • Added the ITextSnapshotReader.Language property, which returns the language at the current reader offset.
  • Added the IMergableLexer.GetAllLexicalStateTransitions method.
  • Added the IMergableLexer.CreateChangeBatch method that should be wrapped around sections of code that change mergable lexers, and the related Changed event.
  • Updated the Language Designer with minor tweaks, and added token and lexical state ID provider generation for dynamic lexers.
  • Added the ITextBufferReader.AsTextReader method that returns a System.IO.TextReader for the buffer.
  • Added a new CanCommentEmptyLines property to LineBasedLineCommenter.
  • Added the Start/EndSnapshotOffset properties to IEditorViewSelection.
  • Added DisplayLine/DisplayCharacter properties added to TextPosition, which are one-based and can be used in UI.
  • Enhanced the default ISearchResultSet object's ToString method to output a multi-line string specifying results, useful in results tool windows.
  • Tweaked how view mouse down focusing works.
  • Added the IEditorView.IntelliPrompt property that allows for requesting IntelliPrompt sessions programmatically.
  • Updated code that uses IQuickInfoProvider.ContextTypes such that derived classes from the ContextTypes are recognized, allowing for interfaces and base classes to be specified in ContextTypes.
  • Updated how the outlining manager processes language changes.
  • Updated snapshot readers to return a document end token when at the end of the snapshot, that provides context about the lexical state at the snapshot end.
  • Updated the ordering mechanism used when consuming language services.
  • Fixed a bug where two IntelliPrompt Quick Info providers returning data for the same offset didn't work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where canceling a completion list in a selection change handler could throw an exception.
  • Fixed a bug where acronym and shorthand search pattern providers could match when line feeds were between search characters.
  • Fixed a bug where the SyntaxEditor context menu was showing over scrollbars.
  • Fixed a bug with character case edit actions and block selection.
  • Fixed a bug where some edit commands weren't handling reverse selections properly.
  • Fixed a bug where replace operations were not escaping Kleene operator characters in replace text properly.
  • Fixed a bug with redo and the setting of the document's IsModified flag.
  • Fixed a bug where regex replacement patterns weren't using the backslash character as an escape.
  • BREAK: Updated LexicalStateBase.DefaultTokenKey to be "Default".
  • BREAK: Moved the LexicalStateId property from IMergableToken to IToken.
  • BREAK: Moved the ParseError class to the ActiproSoftware.Text.Parsing.Implementation namespace.
  • BREAK: Converted the IEditorView.HasFocusChanged, ITextView.Closed, ITextView.MarginsDestroyed events to not be routed.
  • Updated built-in completion list icons to use 24-bit alpha transparency.
  • Improved the XML and XAML sample language definitions.
  • Exited beta status: source code is now available.


  • Added new Book control and several demos and QuickStarts.


  • Added support for new Office 2010 blue/black/silver themes.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur if using stack-based page sequencing and canceling a backwards page change.

Shared Library

  • BREAK: Replaced XmlSerializerBase.ObjectDeserializedHandler/ObjectSerializedHandler properties with ObjectDeserialized/ObjectSerialized events.
  • Added IconFrameConverter which can be used in binding statements to select a specific frame size from an ICO file.
  • Added VisualTreeHelperExtended.IsMouseOver overload that takes a DragEventArgs parameter.
  • Added several extension methods for Double type.
  • Added several extension methods for Int32 type.
  • Added several extension methods for Point type.
  • Added several extension methods for Size type.
  • Fixed an issue with PopupButton needlessly retrieving automation peer when any property value changed.
  • Fixed issue with TransitionPresenter Content not properly inheriting DataContext in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug with GlassWindow in Windows 7 where a system menu could be displayed when the system menu icon was hidden.

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