Silverlight Studio 2011.1 build 112 Maintenance Release

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Posted 13 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new Silverlight Studio maintenance release is now available. This build focuses on major new updates to SyntaxEditor and its add-ons. Updates include:


SyntaxEditor Control

  • Updated the XML language definition to support !DOCTYPE internal subsets.
  • Added the IAstNode.FindDescendantNode method that recursively locates a descendant node containing an offset.
  • Fixed a bug in the incremental automatic outlining node update logic.

.NET Languages Add-on

  • Documents no longer need a filename set to get automated IntelliPrompt working, making it easier to get started.
  • Added XML comment summary documentation into quick info tips when available.
  • Added new IDocumentationCommentAutoCompleter service that auto-generates stub XML documentation comments when starting to type them for a type or method, can auto-complete end tags, and inserts continuation delimiters on the next line when pressing Enter.
  • Added completion list for documentation comment tags.
  • Added keywords into completion list.
  • Added context locations that can narrow down the list of items presented in a completion list.
  • Improved resolver capabilities (generic method type inference, implicit variables in foreach, lambda expression parameters, anonymous method parameters).
  • Added the CanShowOnTypedWordStart property to the CSharpCompletionProvider and VBCompletionProvider classes, which allows completion list auto-show when starting to type words in certain scenarios.
  • Added automatic outlining for region proprocessor directive and documentation comment blocks.
  • Added a DocumentationComment property to the AST TypeDeclaration and TypeMemberDeclaration classes, and updated the parsers to set the property when documentation comments are found.
  • Updated the binary assembly loading code's probing logic.
  • Added the IAssembly.Documentation property that can be set to an IAssemblyDocumentation instance to provide documentation comments for the assembly's types/members. FileBasedAssemblyRepository is the default implementation that can be used, security permitting.
  • Added the IDotNetParseData interface and related DotNetParseData implementation class to allow for future extensibility.
  • Improved infrastructure to better support access from multiple threads.
  • Fixed a bug where completion lists could show in comments and preprocessor directives.

Web Languages Add-on

  • Updated the lexer and grammar to support !DOCTYPE internal subsets.
  • Updated the IXmlValidator.Validate method to accept an additional IAstNode parameter.

Shared Library

  • Fixed a bug where the designer could throw a licensing exception after the built-in evaluation period expired

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