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Posted 13 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A major new version of WPF Studio is now available. This version has enormous updates for all products that unifies and improves how theming is done, and provides optional themes for native WPF controls that look great next to Actipro controls, thus facilitating consistent app-wide themes. SyntaxEditor also has received numerous new highly-requested feature areas such as IntelliPrompt parameter info, single-line edit mode, code fragments, and drag and drop.

Please note that there were several breaking changes in this version so please be sure to read the documentation topic on converting to 2011.2 if you are upgrading from an older version.

Updates include:

Bar Code

  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.


  • Updated Editors/DataGrid Interop to only pass down column settings if changed from default to allow Styles to be used.
  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.


  • Fixed issue with documents being destroyed when restoring previous layout.
  • Fixed issue with in TabbedMdiHost PrimaryWindow not being properly set when setting CanDocumentsDrag to false.
  • Fixed issue when dragging a single floating window being reloaded when dragging by its tab.
  • Fixed issue with setting ContentTemplate and ContentTemplateSelector on a docking window using an implicit Style.
  • Fixed issue unhandled exception when dragging windows around when using several nested ContentControls as content.
  • Fixed issue unhandled exception when showing dock guides in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with two containers showing as active when dragging and docking.
  • Fixed issue with being unable to move focus back to the main window in certain scenarios.
  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.


  • BREAK: Added new CommitPendingChanges and CancelPendingChanges methods to parts, with the former replacing the CommitChangesToValue method.
  • Added new PartValueCancelTriggers property to configure what causes changes to be cancelled.
  • Updated MonthCalendar items to perform click on mouse up instead of mouse down to better support use in menus.
  • Exposed IsCaseAutoCorrected and IsCaseSensitive properties on DataGridMaskedTextColumn.
  • Fixed issue with cancelling changes in MaskedTextBox, TextBox, and PartEditBox and its derivations when using two-way bindings.
  • Fixed issue in EnumListBox when using an enumeration type that doesn't derive from int.
  • Fixed issue with using DateTimeEditBox and MonthCalendar in a separate UI thread.
  • Fixed issue with BrushEditor and ColorEditor reseting color components to zero when copying and pasting color component values.
  • Fixed issue with when using zero-or-more regular expression construct in MaskedTextBox.
  • Fixed issue with DataGrid columns not updating the underlying editor(s) on property changes.
  • Fixed issue with selecting dates in the century 9800-9899 in DateTimeEditBox and MonthCalendar.
  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.


  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.


  • Added Breadcrumb.PathSeparator property which can be used to customize the path separator.
  • Updated NavigationBar to remove the bottom row if the customization button is hidden and there are no small panes currently visible.
  • Fixed issue with setting NavigationBar.ArePanesVisible before item containers are loaded.
  • Fixed issue with vertical scrolling in ZoomContentControl when using large content.
  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.


  • BREAK: Updated string collection support to allow adding empty strings by default.
  • BREAK: Split IPropertyDataAccessor's Refresh method into two overloads to better support refreshing just a given property and not it's children.
  • Added support for Enter and Escape key to more closely mimic the WinForms PropertyGrid. Note this may affect anyone who has done this via custom code.
  • Replaced use of StaticResource with DynamicResource in a few Styles to allow brushes to be customized.
  • Updated Sorting w/ Custom Attribute QuickStart to support multiple objects.
  • Added option to WinForms Interop support to use UITypeEditor if defined over PropertyGrid's registered editors.
  • Fixed issue with FontWeight/FontStyle being inherited by WinForms (Interop) drop down content.
  • Fixed issue with the WinForms (Interop) drop down closing when focus was moved to the Interop content.
  • Fixed issue where modifying an object using a UITypeEditor would not be reflected in the property editor.
  • Fixed issue with IPropertyDataAccessor's CanAddChild and CanRemove not being refreshed when the associated property changes.
  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.


  • Updated contextual tab groups to support contained collapsed tabs better.
  • Updated ribbon controls on a Backstage to not show their default context menu with QAT-related items.
  • Updated logic in QAT deserialization so that it makes better use of the Id property for matching items.
  • Fixed issue with PopupGallery not inheriting data context from RibbonGallery.
  • Fixed issue where popup button popup content defined via a template may not measure correctly the first time it's opened.
  • Fixed issue where non-glass RibbonWindow with CanResizeWithGrip didn't allow resizing via the grip.
  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.


  • Added numerous types to support IntelliPrompt parameter info features.
  • Added support for code fragment editing, where a header/footer code section can be pre/postpended to the document text for parsing purposes. Added the related ITextDocument.SetHeaderAndFooterText method, and ITextSnapshot.HeaderText, FooterText, and GetMergedBufferReader members.
  • Added the SyntaxEditor.IsMultiLine property, which can be set to false to enable single-line edit mode.
  • Added support for drag and drop, via the SyntaxEditor.AllowDrag and AllowDrop properties.
  • Added the SyntaxEditor.AcceptsTab property, which can be set to false to allow tab to move focus.
  • Added the IPrintSettings.IsSyntaxHighlightingEnabled option, which can be set to false to disable syntax highlighting in printouts.
  • Added the ICompletionSession.CommitCharacters collection, which is the list of characters that can trigger a commit when there is a full selection.
  • Added the CompletionMatchOptions.RequiresExact option that requires that item text exactly matches before a full selection is created.
  • Added the EditorSearchView.AnimationDuration property, which can be set to zero to disable animations.
  • Added a GeneratedCodeAttribute to C#/VB types generated by the Language Designer.
  • Updated the replace all in selection code to properly respect block selection.
  • Updated the .langdef deserializer code to first search for child languages relative to the root .langdef's path, if it came from a file.
  • Updated the default line terminator returned from a ITextDocument.LoadFile call when there is no line terminator.
  • Updated the ensure caret visible code to leave some space to the left when scrolling left.
  • Dramatically improved large completion list opening speed in most scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where the completion list might not show the selected item as typing occurs when the CanFilterUnmatchedItems option is used.
  • Fixed a bug where a lock could occur when executing the Delete Blank Lines action on the last line.
  • Fixed a bug with the layout of form feed characters.
  • Fixed a bug with outlining node offset updating from deletions.
  • Fixed a bug where dynamic lexical patterns in transition scopes didn't properly return their lexer.
  • Fixed a bug where an intra-text adornment that didn't fit on the first line when word wrapped wouldn't display.
  • Fixed a bug where an exception could occur in a complex scenario of intra-text spacer and collapsed region tags.
  • Updated how the mouse wheel line delta is calculated.
  • Made several performance enhancements.
  • Added new samples showing IntelliPrompt parameter info, use of type-specific AST nodes in a grammar, code fragments, and single-line edit mode.
  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.

LL(*) Parser Framework

  • Fixed a bug where the grammer might incorrectly think that an infinite left recursion is taking place.

.NET Languages Add-on

  • Added automated IntelliPrompt parameter info features.
  • Updated completion lists to use acronym matching by default.
  • Updated the C# completion session commit characters.
  • Updated the BinaryAssemblySerializer so that it can load pre-defined serialized reflection data more easily and from other platforms.
  • Improved the resolver.
  • Improved the documentation file probing logic to better examine client profile and localized reference assembly folders.

Web Languages Add-on

  • Improved the XML context factory logic.

ANTLR Add-on

  • Updated to be compatible with the latest v3.4.1 ANTLR C# run-time.


  • First product release.


  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.


  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.

Shared Library

  • Updated DeferrableObservableCollection to raise CollectionChanged event with specific event arguments when only one change is made while changes are deferred.
  • Fixed issue with DataContext inheritance of TransitionPresenter and ToggleTransitionPresenter when content is a visual.
  • Fixed issue with potential reentry with EnumerableView while re-evaluating an item.
  • BREAK: Changed assembly name and made major updates and enhancements to product themes.

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