SyntaxEditor 2.0.0101 Maintenance Release

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Posted 20 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A maintenance release for SyntaxEditor is now available. It is recommended that all customers download this new release.

Changes include:
    <li>Added Clear, Insert, Remove, and RemoveAt methods where applicable to the LexicalMacroCollection, LexicalPatternGroup, LexicalPatternGroupCollection, LexicalScopeCollection, and LexicalStateCollection collections.
    <li>Added new overloads for the LoadFile and SaveFile methods of the SyntaxEditor class that interact with a Stream.
    <li>Added the HtmlExportType enumeration.
    <li>BREAK: Added a HtmlExportType parameter to the SyntaxEditor.SaveFileAsHtml method.
    <li>BREAK: Added a HtmlExportType parameter to the Document.GetTextAsHtml method.
    <li>Added the option of saving CSS class-based HTML exported documents.
    <li>Added the DocumentLine.GetTabStopLevel method to return the tabstop level of a document line.
    <li>BREAK: Removed the LexicalParseFlags and OutliningLevel properties from the Token class because they were not used. Any sort of data that would have been placed in the OutliningLevel property should be placed in the SemanticParseData property instead.
    <li>Fixed bug where text deletions that caused indicators to be removed did not remove the indicators from the Document.Indicators collection.

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