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Posted 20 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
We're very pleased to announce the final release of SyntaxEditor 2.5. A lot of work has been put into version 2.5 fine-tuning the object model and optimizing all internal code. The result is a better, more efficient control with a lot of new features as well.

One word of warning to those users upgrading from 2.0. In version 2.5 we finalized the design of our WinUICore and Shared libraries. This caused some object model changes however not many that will cause code changes on your end. Another major feature of version 2.5 is that we completely separated the user interface from the document/parsing object model. This means that you can now load a Document independent of any SyntaxEditor control and swap it in and out of a SyntaxEditor control. You also can wire up two or more SyntaxEditor controls to operate on the same Document! This major new feature required numerous object model changes, many of which will require code changes on your end. All of the object model changes are well documented in the Readme file's Release History section so be sure to use that as a reference.

We've had several users make the upgrade including all necessary code changes on their end and they report it wasn't too difficult.

New Features

These high-level features have been added to version 2.5:
    <li>Completely separated the UI from the document/parsing model
    <li>Added syntax-highlighting to collapsed node tooltips
    <li>Added print settings independent of SyntaxEditor settings
    <li>Added display lines to the object model
    <li>Added more methods to access the outlining object model
    <li>Added the TextStylePreview control
    <li>Finalized WinUICore and Shared 1.0 libraries
    <li>Reduced memory usage
    <li>Significantly improved speed for display line calculation and general rendering
    <li>Added Python language definition
    <li>Added IME support
    <li>Much, much more
Version 2.5 has an enormous detailed list of enhancements so the details are only being posted in the Readme.html file that comes with the SyntaxEditor download.

How to Upgrade to 2.5

If you are an existing owner of SyntaxEditor and would like to upgrade to 2.5, please log into Customer Relations. If you originally purchased an annual subscription and if it is still active, you can request a free upgrade to 2.5 on the Purchases page in Customer Relations. Simply click the link on that page to request a free upgrade (not available if you are not eligible). We will validate upgrade requests at the end of each day.

If you do not own an annual subscription, you can purchase an upgrade or an annual subscription for the amount of developer licenses you own from our secure purchase pages. This will allow you to be licensed for the 2.5 version.

Once you purchase and download the full 2.5 version, follow the directions in the Licensing FAQ in our Customer Relations site. Remember that code changes in your application may be necessary (see above) to accommodate the object model changes in 2.5.

If you have any other questions regarding purchasing upgrades, please contact our sales staff.

Enjoy the new version!

Actipro Software Support