UIStudio 1.0 Release

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Posted 19 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
We're very happy to announce that UIStudio 1.0 is now available. UIStudio is a control suite featuring next-generation docking window, tabstrip, and navigation bar controls. Our docking window functionality is the most comprehensive available, and features all the new features found in VS.NET 2005 "Whidbey". Our NavigationBar control mimics the navigation bar found in Outlook 2003 exactly.

This suite will grow over time to include other new controls.

DockableWindow Customer Upgrades

Although UIStudio is a completely new product and shares no codebase with DockableWindow, we do recognize that some similar (but highly enhanced) functionality is available in UIStudio. Therefore DockableWindow is being discontinued and UIStudio will take its place. As a courtesy to our DockableWindow customers, we are offering special pricing to promote moving from DockableWindow to UIStudio. If you are an existing DockableWindow owner and would like to upgrade to UIStudio, you have two possibilities.

1) If you have an annual subscription for DockableWindow that is still active, you can write us an e-mail to request a free upgrade for UIStudio. Please include your organization's name in the e-mail.

2) If you own one or more licenses for DockableWindow but do not have an active annual subscription, you can purchase UIStudio from our secure purchase page at upgrade pricing. Simply choose the upgrade option when you purchase.

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