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Print Options

There are a large number of options available that affect how printouts render.

Accessing Print Settings

The IPrintSettings interface contains all the options that relate to printing. The print settings are accessed via the SyntaxEditor.PrintSettings property.

The Document Title

The document title can optionally be displayed at the top of each page in a printer view. It is visible when the IPrintSettings.DocumentTitle property is non-null and the IsDocumentTitleMarginVisible property is true, which is the default.

This code sets the document title that is displayed at the top of each page:

editor.PrintSettings.DocumentTitle = "My Document";

Turning Off Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting is on by default for printer views. To turn it off and make text black and white, set the IPrintSettings.IsSyntaxHighlightingEnabled property is set to false.

Using a Custom Highlighting Style Registry

When syntax highlighting is on for printer views, it will use the IHighlightingStyleRegistry that is currently active in the editor. However when the editor is using a dark theme, this is not a desirable registry to use for printouts.

A IPrintSettings.HighlightingStyleRegistry property can be set to a custom IHighlightingStyleRegistry instance that will be used for printer output only, and is ideally set up with darker foreground colors and no backgrounds.

See the Highlighting Style Registries topic for more information on highlighting style registries.

Displaying Whitespace

Tabs and spaces can be visually displayed when the IPrintSettings.IsWhitespaceVisible property is set to true. The default is to not show whitespace.

Allowing Collapsed Outlining Nodes

Collapsed outlining nodes are automatically expanded in printer views when the IPrintSettings.AreCollapsedOutliningNodesAllowed property is set to false, which is the default value. Set the property to true to allow currently-collapsed outlining nodes in the document to render as collapsed in the printer view.

Displaying Indentation Guides

Indentation guides can be rendered when the IPrintSettings.AreIndentationGuidesVisible property is set to true. The default is to not show indentation guides.

Displaying Squiggle Lines

Squiggle lines, such as those that mark syntax errors, can be rendered when the IPrintSettings.AreSquiggleLinesVisible property is set to true. The default is to not show squiggle lines.