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Expanding/Collapsing Panes

ExplorerBar is a vertical stack of expander pane items. The pane items inherit the native WPF Expander control but are styled by ExplorerBar to have the Windows task bar appearance.

Animated Expanding/Collapsing Panes

You can expand or collapse expander panes simply by clicking on their headers.


The ExplorerBar control with its second pane being expanded with animated fade in and slide down

When expanding, the pane's content slides down and fades in. When collapsing, the pane's content slides up and fades out. These effects provide a very pleasing, yet subtle, effect.

Changing Animation Durations

If your Expander items are instances of AnimatedExpander (which inherits Expander), you can specify the ExpandDuration and CollapseDuration times.

Only Allowing a Single Pane to be Expanded

You can optionally set the ExplorerBar.CanExpandMultiple to false to make ExplorerBar only allow one pane to be expanded at a time. In this mode, if the end user tries to expand another pane, the currently expanded pane will collapse.


When the combined height of the expander panes exceeds the height of the ExplorerBar, a vertical scrollbar is automatically added, allowing you to scroll to hidden panes.