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Custom Pages

While Wizard has some built-in page types, exterior and interior pages, there also is a blank page type. By using this page type you can completely create your own visual design for a page.

Creating a Custom Page

A custom page can be created by setting the WizardPage.PageType property to Blank.

This XAML code shows how the Blank page type can be set declaratively:

<wizard:WizardPage x:Name="customPage" PageType="Blank"> ... </wizard:WizardPage>

A blank page has no margin so it allows you to build its contents from scratch, while still being able to take advantage of standard WizardPage features such as button control, etc.

The following sample uses a Grid root element with some shapes to fill in the background. Then some TextBlock elements are added.


A custom page that looks similar to Word 2007

With custom pages, you are only limited by your imagination as far as what you can create.