Wizard 1.03.0050 Released

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Posted 22 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new version of our Wizard .NET control has been released including the following new features:
    <li>Improved test applications to better demonstrate new functionality
    <li>Set X position of caption and description in header (PageCaptionOffset, PageDescriptionOffset properties)
    <li>Added a way of specifying the positions of the buttons (LayoutButtons event)
    <li>Add a property that lets you specify the height of the button area (ButtonAreaHeight property)
    <li>Modify size and location of WatermarkImage (WatermarkImageLocation, WatermarkImageSize properties)
    <li>Added tabindex and tabstop properties for all buttons
    <li>Added PerformClick methods for all buttons
    <li>Added PageCaptionColor, PageDescriptionColor, PageDescriptionFont properties
    <li>Added ButtonAreaBackColor and ButtonAreaBackgroundImage properties
    <li>Wizard.BackgroundImage now tiles an image across the background of the wizard
    <li>Transparent colors can be used on the Wizard and on WizardPages to provide transparency through to the parent Form
    <li>Enabled Paint events on Wizard and WizardPage objects to allow for custom draw
    <li>Added WizardDialogForm which provides a form that encapsulates a Wizard control
    <li>Sets focus to the first control on a page with a TabStop when switching pages
    <li>Disables buttons and changs mouse pointer while switching pages to prevent users from clicking them during a lengthy page change (controlled by DisableButtonsDuringPageChange property)
    <li>Added code to set the appropriate DialogResult when the Finish or Cancel buttons are pressed
    <li>Fixed bug where AfterSelect and BeforeSelect events fired in design mode
    <li>Fixed problem with watermark panel zordered over other controls
    <li>Fixed problem where header image Reset only cleared for design-time but image reappeared in runtime
    <li>Fixed problem where watermark image Reset only cleared for design-time but image reappeared in runtime
    <li>Fixed bug of deleting a page in the middle and selecting a page
    <li>Fixed bug of header caption and description colliding when using large fonts
Owners of previous Wizard versions who have annual subscriptions may request their free upgrade by going to the Customer Relations site.

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