DockableWindow/TabStripPanel 2.00.0186 Maintenance Release

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Posted 22 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A maintenance release of DockableWindow and TabStripPanel was uploaded to our site on 10/7/02. Changes include:

    <li>Added DWWindowBaseCollection.Move method to reorder document windows within a document container.
    <li>Disposes DWDocumentWindow child controls when document windows are hidden.
    <li>Added workaround for framework bug that prevented Form from sometimes closing when document windows were closed.
    <li>Fixed a bug where when a tool window was hidden and reactivated, it sometimes would move to a slightly different position.
    <li>Fixed a rare bug where an exception was raised when docking a tool window around the document area.
    <li>TabStripPanel.Text property flagged as Localizable.

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