UIStudio 2.0.0072 Maintenance Release

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Posted 18 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
A new UIStudio maintenance release is now available. With this release, the XML documentation for all assemblies is included allowing for Visual Studio IntelliSense to display the documentation.

Changes include:
  • Changed keyboard shortcut processing code so that it runs the logic through a NativeWindow instead of processing in the main application message loop handler. This prevents application crashes in case an unhandled exception occurs in the command processing code.
  • Fixed a bug where loading a complete layout with the Bar assembly in the GAC could sometimes cause a type load exception.
  • Fixed a bug where loading a complete layout would duplicate some links on popups.
  • Fixed a bug where the order of removed command links in a differential layout would sometimes be out of order, causing problems when it was reloaded.
  • Fixed a bug with loading ComboBoxCommand data from a complete bar layout.
  • Added support for closing a tabbed MDI document when you click the middle mouse button on its tab.
  • Added the UnknownToolWindowStatePreservationEnabled property to control whether the DockManager will persist layout information for unknown tool windows when loading a layout.
  • DockManager will no longer persist unknown tool window layout information when loading a layout by default. Now set the DockManager.UnknownToolWindowStatePreservationEnabled property to true to activate this behavior.
  • Changed the ToolWindow.Activate and DocumentWindow.Activate methods that have the focus parameter to always ensure the window is selected if in a tabbed scenario, even if the focus parameter is false.
  • Changed ToolWindow.DockedSize so that it is marked as Browsable for the designer.
  • Changed the TabStrip page selection code to call the ContainerControl.Validate method instead of calling the Validating/Validated events directly if TabStrip.PageValidateEnabled is set.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes an auto-hide tool window attached to other tool windows would not display the correct content when programmatically activated.
  • Added save/load layout capabilities to the NavigationBar, which saves and loads the current order, visibility state of the panes and which pane is selected.
  • Added a Select Control-Specific Renderer designer verb to the NavigationBarPanel class.
  • Updated the WinUICore/Shared libraries.

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