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I'd like to distinguish between functions and identifiers. I'm using the following regular expressions in my language definition file:

<!-- Function -->
<RegexPatternGroup Token="FunctionToken" PatternValue="(_ | {AlphaMacro})({WordMacro})*" LookAhead="{WhitespaceMacro}*[(]"/>
<!-- Identifier -->
<RegexPatternGroup Token="IdentifierToken" PatternValue="(_ | {AlphaMacro})({WordMacro})*"/>
The above definitions don't work when the last OR only text in the editor is a word. For example, if all that is in the editor is "customerID" (w/out the quotes), the token is FunctionToken. I was expecting it to be the IdentifierToken.

Why does the LookAhead for the FunctionToken match in this case?

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Posted 15 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
Look-aheads always match at the end of the document. Try this... instead of using the LookAhead attribute, put the look-ahead inline with the pattern. Maybe try something like this which will probably not match at the end of document although you're telling it to match the same thing:

(_ | {AlphaMacro})({WordMacro})* (?={WhitespaceMacro}*[(])

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