Posted 20 years ago by priebe
I'm very impressed by SyntaxEditor so far. We are building in VB.NET scripting support
in our application, so it looks like this editor might really do the trick for us.

My question is about Intellisense. I think I understand how to get a trigger,
interpret it, and then populate the popup list, tips, etc.

I've copied example code to be able to auto-expand namespaces and types. But
I must admit, I don't have the expertise to take that to the next level and
allow for expansion of methods and properties for an arbitrary variable in the

My concern is that this is non-trivial, and that if it's too difficult for the
developer of an editor to include, then I don't stand a chance. One reason we
look to buy a component like this is to leverage the expertise of the developer.
We are not experts in syntactic parsing of VB.NET and reflection.

Is there sample code anywhere to provide full "VS.NET-like" Intellisense for
VB.NET code?


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Posted 20 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
Hi there... not yet... we are making some strides right now to prepare SyntaxEditor so that we can provide add-in products in the future with that sort of functionality though. We know it's highly desired.

Actipro Software Support

The latest build of this product (v24.1.0) was released 4 months ago, which was after the last post in this thread.

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