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Posted 10 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA
Version: 1.2.3

If you have a suggestion for Code Writer to support a new file type, it is most helpful if you can perform some of the legwork for us.  We don't know all the file types out there and some, we've never worked in.  The more information you can provide to help us, the greater the chance that your file type will get added.

Before suggesting a file type, please first see if it's already listed in the Settings' File Types flyout.  If not, check to see if it has already been requested in this forum.  If so, please vote or comment on the request thread so that we know there is more support for that file type.  If it has not yet been requested, then please read on for details on how to make the suggestion.

Minimum File Type Info Needed

Let's review the aspects of a file type that are needed in order to implement it in Code Writer:

  1. The file type name.
  2. The filename extensions that are used by the file type (e.g. .vb for Visual Basic).
  3. A brief description telling what it is used for.
  4. The URL to full specifications of the file type.
  5. Where specifically can the language's list of keywords, comment styles, etc. be found?
  6. How is the language commented, and what commenting style makes the most sense for comment/uncomment selection features?
  7. Which delimiters make sense to be highlighted in delimiter highlighting?
  8. Links to example code for the file type.

Please provide this sort of info in a separate thread for the file type request, not in this thread.

Even More Helpful Info

Code Writer uses our SyntaxEditor control behind the scenes and the syntax language format it uses is identical to our WPF and Silverlight SyntaxEditor versions.  These products ship with a Language Designer application that helps you quickly build syntax languages and lexers that can syntax highlight the language.

What is most helpful to us is if you build the .langproj file yourself for the desired file type using our Language Designer then pass it off to us via e-mail.  The work must be original by you and we'd need you to relinquish all ownership and copyrights on the work so that we could distribute it with our product.

If this path is a possibility, it along with the info listed above makes it much less time consuming (and thus more likely) for us to add your file type.  Please contact our support team via e-mail before you proceed on this more advanced path so that we can coordinate things with you.

Thanks for supporting Code Writer!

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Actipro Software Support

Comments (4)

Posted 8 years ago by kevin St.

I suggest Less files, and also other none comapable files thats contains text format as programming code...

Posted 7 years ago by "SCdev"

Batch file
Basic Windows (XP+) coding
:: This is a example note. Symbols are allowed.
I am not sure.

Posted 6 years ago by John Smith

1)Batch file

2) .bat

3) Making automated tasks easier, Basic Windows (XP) coding



6) ::comment , REM

7) echo , for , if , ::comment , goto , :label , pause

8) example code

Posted 5 years ago by David Jager

1) Ansys APDL input file

2) .dat / .txt

3) Solving Finite Element Simulations



6) !

7) *do , *enddo , *if , *endif , /input , /resume , *go , :label , *return , *del , *dim , ! , finish , solve , et , *get , /prep7 , /solu , /post1


It would be very helpful

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