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Posted 10 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A major new version of the Actipro WPF controls is now available. This new version includes lots of updates to our various products and a brand new Python add-on for SyntaxEditor.

Detailed Update List


  • Added six new built-in chart palette options and updated the Palette QuickStarts to demo them.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in a previous build where pointer-based labels might overlap in stacked collision mode.
  • Fixed a bug where series added at run-time to different axes may end up duplicating an axis display.


  • Added the DockSite.CanRaftingWindowsCloseOnDockSiteUnload property, which can be set to false to prevent rafting windows from hiding in nested dock site scenarios when a parent tab is deselected.
  • Updated rafted windows to support dragging when their owner DockSite was hidden, such as in a nesting scenario.
  • Improved auto-hide flyouts to close immediately when a mouse click is made elsewhere within the DockSite.
  • Updated how RaftingWindow handles focus when being closed.
  • Improved InteropFocusTracking to better handle focus tracking on mouse click.
  • Improved the logic for watching active window changes.
  • Fixed a bug where a maximized rafted window on a second monitor can cause an exception when the main window minimizes and then shows again.


  • Improved NaN and Infinity support for double-based parts when used on non-English systems.
  • Updated the Country and Currency classes with the latest data.
  • BREAK: Removed the CountryCurrencyMappingType enumeration and the Currency properties it controlled.


  • Fixed a bug introduced in a previous build where circular scales might not always render correctly.

Micro Charts

  • Added a new MicroSegmentChart control for use on dashboards, infographics, or as progress indicators.
  • Added a new demo and QuickStart showing off the new MicroSegmentChart control.
  • Added a MicroTrendIndicator control, a three state control that reflects whether a numeric value is higher, the same as, or lower than an origin value.
  • Added a new QuickStart showing off the new MicroTrendIndicator control.
  • Added a new MicroSegmentChart control for use on dashboards, infographics, or as progress indicators.
  • Added six new built-in chart palette options and updated the Palette QuickStart to demo them.


  • Added a new 'Custom Property Editor' QuickStart that shows how to build a custom property editor for a certain Type.
  • Improved double-clicking a property name so that if the property doesn't support standard values, it will attempt to focus the related editor instead and select all text.
  • Improved the Validation.ErrorTemplate for the TextBox controls in the built-in property editors.
  • Improved the rendering of ComboBox property editors.
  • Updated the Editors' MaskedTextBox to properly support read-only mode when used in the PropertyGrid.
  • Updated collection properties with setters to not have an editable text value unless a type converter with support for string conversion is located.
  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking the name column of a read-only property could cause an exception.


  • Updated how the QAT measures itself.
  • Updated the logic of how the mouse wheel selects tabs.
  • Updated the how ribbon processes UseLayoutRounding.
  • Updated RibbonGallery to handle the Popup* bubble events from the contained PopupButton.
  • Fixed a bug in ScreenTipService where it might display screen tips for hidden elements.


  • Added quote auto-completion support to the DelimiterAutoCompleter class, with double quote completion enabled by default.
  • Added the IEditorViewScroller.ScrollIntoView method, which can ensure that a text position is visible within the view.
  • Improved caret/selection movement around and delete/backspace of multi-byte characters.
  • Improved backspace to move to the previous tab stop when auto-convert tabs to spaces is active and the caret is before the first non-whitespace character on the line.
  • Improved HtmlContentProvider's handling of CSS font-family specifications to support quoted values and generic family names.
  • Updated the mouse hover time to tie to the related system setting.
  • Updated the ParseError class to auto-assign a default classification type based on the error level.
  • Updated EditorView so that if IsManipulationEnabled is set to true, it will allow touch-based scrolling instead of acting like a mouse.
  • Fixed a bug in the incremental automatic outlining update logic.
  • Fixed a bug where the caret could be moved off the view when in single-line mode.
  • Fixed a bug where changes to some highlighting styles might not immediately update the editor.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in a previous build where macro XML might not deserialize properly in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where an exception could occur when loading a SyntaxEditor that had a data binding to a document.
  • Fixed a bug where incremental search wouldn't work on read-only documents.
  • Improved the programmatic lexers in the premium language add-ons to load quicker.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Added a new QuickStart showing how to provide C# IntelliPrompt within ASP.NET style server tags.
  • Added quote auto-completion to the C# and VB languages.
  • Improved the VB lexer to better handle argument attributes.
Python Language Add-on
  • First product release.
  • New add-on product demo added.
Web Languages Add-on
  • Added quote auto-completion to the JavaScript and JSON languages.
  • Updated the XML grammar to better handle when header/footer text that contains tags is set.


  • Adjusted the themed template for Window.
  • Updated the themed template for Menu to properly display popup menus when the Windows handedness setting is right-handed.
  • Updated WindowChrome to better handle minimized windows that don't display in the taskbar.


  • Added a Triangle shape, which can be used in UI such as breadcrumbs, tabs, etc.
  • Added a new Shapes QuickStart.
  • Added a Side enumeration, which specifies a single rectangle side.
  • Added the ZoomLevelToTextFormattingModeConverter class, which can switch from Display to Ideal text formatting mode when the zoom level is increased, thereby keeping text clear in any scenario.
  • Made several minor performance enhancements to RingSlice.
  • Updated numerous samples to use ZoomLevelToTextFormattingModeConverter.

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