WPF Controls 2017.1 build 651 Maintenance Release

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Posted 7 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA

A new maintenance release of the Actipro WPF Controls is now available.  This build has a large number of updates and new features for the various WPF controls, and includes bug fixes for all issues that have been found since the original 2017.1 release.  In addition, the SyntaxEditor .NET Languages Add-on now supports C# 6 and VB 14 syntax, with full automated IntelliPrompt.

Detailed Update List


  • Fixed a bug where a single bar in chart might not render properly.


  • Added logic so floating maximized windows that are minimized when the main owner Window is minimized will be maximized again when the owner Window is restored.
  • Improved support for usage of multiple AppDomains.
  • Improved active window tracking logic.
  • Improved popups to better support per-monitor DPI.
  • Updated the UI automation peer for docking windows to support IInvokeProvider, which will Activate the docking window when invoked.
  • Updated AdvancedTabControl tab overflow behavior logic for shrinking.
  • Fixed a bug where lazy-loaded docking windows opened after layout deserialization might not have the correct size.
  • Fixed a bug where the can drag to linked dock site option wasn't being applied properly.


  • Improved all numeric edit boxes to better support custom formats (e.g. 0' days').
  • Added the MonthCalendar.DayItemTemplateSelector property, which allows for flexible customization of how each day is presented.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking certain MonthCalendar buttons while in a toolbar popup would close the popup.
  • Fixed an exception caused by DataGridEnumColumn.
  • Updated the glyph used in the MonthCalendar navigation buttons to not be font-based.


  • Added the DataFilterResult.IncludedWithDescendants option so that when a tree item is included in a filter, all of its descendants can be auto-included as well.
  • Added the TreeListView.ColumnHeaderTapped event that is raised when a column header is tapped.
  • Added the TreeListBox.EmptyContent and EmptyContentTemplate properties that can display custom content when no items are visible in the control. Also applies to TreeListView and PropertyGrid.
  • Added a new TreeListBox Three-State Checking QuickStart that shows how to construct a tree where checking a node updates its ancestors and descendants properly.
  • Improved PropertyGrid to support property value updates from a worker thread.
  • Updated the PropertyGrid/Editors Integration demo to show how existing editors can edit non-CLS compliant numeric types like SByte, UInt16, and UInt32.
  • Updated TreeListBoxItem to not start editing mode when single-clicked if the item didn't already have focus.
  • Updated PropertyGridItemStyleSelector to fall back to new Style properties defined on PropertyGrid when styles aren't specified.
  • Updated CachedPropertyModelBase.HasStandardValuesCore to return true if there are any standard values present.
  • Updated logic to prevent the adapter's InitializeDataObject method from being called more than once if no data object was initialized during a drag start.
  • Updated the PropertyGrid Custom Data Factory QuickStart to show a property with standard values from another property and use of the new IPropertyModel.StandardValuesDisplayMemberPath property.
  • Improved Tab focus handling for the TreeListBox and TreeListView controls.
  • Fixed a bug where when tree item filtering and an item is flagged as Excluded, its descendants could possibly show.
  • Fixed a bug where the TreeListViewColumn.CellHorizontalAlignment property wasn't being applied properly.
  • Fixed a bug in the DataModelSortComparer.CompareIndex method that could cause incorrect index sorting and a possible exception.


  • Improved RibbonWindow to better support per-monitor DPI.


  • Added a text area automation peer that wraps text area elements within an editor view.
  • Improved the rendering of squiggle lines to be bolder and more wave-like.
  • Updated paste logic to only allow a line-oriented paste if there is a zero-length selection.
  • Updated the default completion list item sort logic to use a current culture comparison instead of ordinal.
  • Fixed a bug with certain character class usage scenarios.
.NET Languages Add-on
  • Updated the C# parser to support C# 6 syntax.
  • Updated the VB parser to support VB 14 syntax.
  • Updated the C# and VB parsers to report a syntax error when an unterminated string is found.
  • Improved string delimiter auto-completion logic.
  • Improved resolver logic for working with partial classes.
Web Languages Add-on
  • Updated the JSON grammar to properly accept any expression at the root level instead of only object.


  • Added the virtual EditableContentControl.SelectText method that is called when inline editing starts, and selects all text by default. Override to support alternate ranges of text, such as filenames without extensions.
  • Added the virtual EditableContentControl.SetContentAfterEditing method that gets called to update Content when an edited value is committed. The edited value can be coerced as needed or edit mode can be reactivated if the edited value is invalid.


  • Worked around a Windows bug that prevented the WindowChrome.WindowBoundsChanged event from firing in a certain scenario.


  • Improved documentation content size when in high DPI.

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