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Posted 4 years ago by Procam
Version: 18.1.0671


in your samples there is for Text Highlight Color:

<ribbon:SplitButton Command="sample:ApplicationCommands.ApplyDefaultForeground" KeyTipAccessText="FC">
<ribbon:ColorPickerGallery InitialColumnCount="10" HorizontalAlignment="Center"
Command="sample:ApplicationCommands.ApplyForeground" IsPreviewEnabled="True">
<x:Array Type="{x:Type media:SolidColorBrush}">
<media:SolidColorBrush ribbon:PopupGallery.Category="Theme Colors" ribbon:ColorPickerGallery.LayoutBehavior="Shaded" Color="#FFFFFF" ribbon:ScreenTipService.ScreenTipHeader="White" />
<media:SolidColorBrush ribbon:PopupGallery.Category="Theme Colors" ribbon:ColorPickerGallery.LayoutBehavior="Shaded" Color="#000000" ribbon:ScreenTipService.ScreenTipHeader="Black" />
<media:SolidColorBrush ribbon:PopupGallery.Category="Theme Colors" ribbon:ColorPickerGallery.LayoutBehavior="Shaded" Color="#EEECE1" ribbon:ScreenTipService.ScreenTipHeader="Tan" /><media:SolidColorBrush ribbon:PopupGallery.Category="Standard Colors" Color="#7030A0" ribbon:ScreenTipService.ScreenTipHeader="Purple" />

The aplied command in the sample for this is:

		public static RibbonCommand ApplyDefaultBackground {
			get {
				if (applyDefaultBackground == null)
					applyDefaultBackground = new RibbonCommand("ApplyDefaultBackground", typeof(Ribbon), "Text Highlight Color", null, "pack://application:,,,/SampleBrowser;component/Resources/Images/TextHighlightColor16.png");				
				return applyDefaultBackground;

 This piece of code changes in the richtexbox the backgroud of the selected text. Also changes the fill color of litle rectangle below the icon.

My request is how can I use some own command? Because instead of richtextbox I have another control color to be changed after clicking this button. In my own command I would like to use also the TextHighlightColor16.png of the sample so the little rectangle can be updated after selecting some color from the picker color.

Thanks for your help.

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Posted 4 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA


Please see the RichTextBoxExtended file's OnApplyBackgroundCanExecute and OnApplyBackgroundExecute methods as those basically are what process that command.  The RichTextBoxExtended constructor sets them up with:

this.CommandBindings.Add(new CommandBinding(ApplicationCommands.ApplyBackground,
  OnApplyBackgroundExecute, OnApplyBackgroundCanExecute));

Then you can see how the one method calls a UpdateApplyDefaultBackgroundSmallImageSource method in that code as well.  That is what updates the image source to fill in the box in TextHighlightColor16.png.

Actipro Software Support

Posted 4 years ago by Procam


I have done in similar way as you adviced. The splitbutton is created dynamically in code, The command for that is set as in the sample, but in the ApplyForegroundExecute I get for e.Parameter not BrushValueCommandParameter but ICheckableCommandParameter. How can I set the BrushValueCommandParameter when creating the splitbutton dynamically? Or am I missing something else?

        public static void ApplyForegroundExecute(object target, ExecutedRoutedEventArgs e)
            GcSpreadSheet spreadSheet = target as GcSpreadSheet;
            if (spreadSheet == null) return;

            BrushValueCommandParameter parameter = e.Parameter as BrushValueCommandParameter;

The splitbutton is created this way:

                                ColorPicker colorPicker = new ColorPicker();
                                SplitButton splitButton = new SplitButton
                                    Id = commandModel.Id,
                                    ImageSourceLarge = renderTargetBitmap,
                                    ImageSourceSmall = renderTargetBitmap,
                                    Command = commandModel.Command,
                                    //CommandParameter = new BrushValueCommandParameter(), // not helped
                                    Label = commandModel.Caption,
                                    PopupContent = colorPicker

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Posted 4 years ago by Actipro Software Support - Cleveland, OH, USA


I would expect the uncommented line you had to work in general.  There is code in SplitButton to coerce the CommandParameter property to be a CheckbableCommandParameter if there is no CommandParameter set.  But otherwise, it should use whatever value you set.  Perhaps try setting the property after the other properties are all set, in a separate line, and see what the result of the CommandParameter property is after it's set.

Actipro Software Support

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